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A cut above: STEIGER ® T 360 on tree-cutting assignment with Varnholt in Bielefeld

Varnholt – Grün mit System – from Gütersloh, offers customers a wide range of services. General Manager – Heiner Varnholt – and his dedicated staff are highly professional and competent “systematic green service” specialists. The company focuses on sustainable care and maintenance of parks, gardens, and other outdoor areas.

Since August 2016, The Varnholt team has relied on its 
RUTHMANN STEIGER ® T 360 to carry out assignments with utmost efficiency. Heiner Varnholt calls the company’s sturdy and compact truck mount, the “all-purpose work horse.” With the T 360, the Varnholt team can safely maneuver to high-up objects with great precision. Tree-cutting assignments in Bielefeld have never been easier.


Heiner Varnholt made the following comment: “We are experts in our field and work systematically in every aspect of our business. In our line of work, proper know-how is just as important as having the right kind of machinery. Let’s be honest. It is not easy to climb tall trees, equipped with only a rope and chainsaw, without getting a queasy feeling in the stomach. In order to carry out tasks in the safest and most efficient manner, professional truck-mounted aerial work platforms – such as our T 360 – are the only sensible choice. Its easy handling, excellent technical features, amazing performance capabilities, and compact dimensions make it all possible”.

In order to prevent dead branches from falling onto pedestrians below, regular tree cutting/pruning is essential. Pruning also invigorates trees and protects them from disease. On a recent pruning assignment in a Bielefeld forest, the T 360 was positioned and stabilized on narrow forest paths to make tree branches more accessible from inside the work basket. The Varnholt team had to overcome fences and bushes before carefully maneuvering amongst the trees with great precision. The T 360 – with its amazing 30.9 m lateral outreach at 100 kg basket load – performed brilliantly. This feature, combined with the 185° swiveling jib – RUTHMANN calls it the RÜSSEL ® – maximizes versatility at the job site. Several trees could be pruned/trimmed simultaneously without having to reposition the truck mount. This reduced set-up time and increased overall efficiency. 

Heiner Varnholt describes the overwhelming benefits of his T 360: “The amazing reach capacity saves time and money. We pass the savings on to our customers by making estimates much more affordable. We are also the only landscaping company in and around Gütersloh with a truck mount of this magnitude. The impressive performance capabilities – 36 m working height coupled with a 30.1 m lateral outreach – certainly gives us a competitive edge. This STEIGER ® model further solidifies our position as market leader in the region. In addition to the T 360’s amazing performance capabilities, I am also extremely satisfied with RUTHMANN’s guidance and after-sales service. Despite their durability, STEIGER ® models must of course also be serviced and repaired from time to time. It is good to know that RUTHMANN’s highly skilled service technicians are there for you when you need them. RUTHMANN’s top-notch Service Department is able to detect problems quickly. This minimizes repair time and reduces costs.”

The T 360’s impressive 350-kg load capacity is an added advantage.  A wide range of equipment is available without exceeding the gross vehicle weight rating. The list includes boxes/containers (also ordered by Varnholt) for necessary tools and materials, cab covers, LED marker lights, and aluminum platform gates.

Source: Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG

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