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APF Polymer Surfaces Introduces Stat-Rez® ESD Nano

  • Nanowise™ Technology is infused into ICP’s newest product to enhance performance, prevent electrostatic damage and improve installer experience

ICP Building Solutions Group (BSG), an industry-leading company with more than 30 brands across numerous industries, has today announced the launch of its newest product from APF Polymer Surfaces, Stat-Rez® ESD Nano.


The newest offering from the well-respected Stat-Rez brand, ESD Nano offers innovative solutions to control static and improve safety. Stat-Rez Static Control Coatings protect areas requiring static dissipative or conductive flooring. These coatings prevent electrostatic damage, limit the ability of personnel to build up an electric charge and quickly remove a charge from people or equipment.

“Our Stat-Rez products have been trusted by industry professionals for years,” said Adrienne Malek, vice president, Cementitious Surfaces. “This next generation of static control floor coatings can be used across industries—from datacom to military applications—to outperform the rest. The latest innovation we’re bringing to the industry makes the installation of ESD floor coatings much easier for the contractor, meaning a decreased opportunity for human error during installation.”

Infused with ICP’s Nanowise™ Technology, single-wall carbon nanotubes utilized in Stat-Rez ESD Nano allow for performance features previously unobtainable in traditional antimony tin oxide ESD systems. These nanotubes, made of billions of carbon atoms, create elongated tubes. This effect produces an intertwined network within the coating, eliminating room for hot spots while providing unmatched strength. This network also prevents settling within the coating, which greatly extends shelf life and allows for a wider variety of installed thicknesses.

Stat-Rez ESD Nano debuts at World of Concrete in Las Vegas Feb. 4–7. Trade show attendees are invited to join ICP BSG at live demos to see Stat-Rez ESD Nano in action and to learn how to put this advancement to work across applications. Demonstrations will take place at the outdoor booth #O40527 on each day of the show.

Source: ICP Building Solutions Group