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Dana Builder Axle Program Fits New Dana® 60 Axles to Many Applications

Enthusiasts Can Create "Ultimate Snow Fighter" Axle


Dana Incorporated announced today that it will be offering a Builder Axle program to allow the inclusion of a new Dana® 60 axle, with numerous upgrades, into a wide range of applications. The customizable Dana 60 front and rear axles allow different width and center drop dimensions for Jeep TJs and XJs, rock crawlers, bouncers, and other off-road vehicles.

Dana made the announcement at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, held here through Nov. 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Sourcing older used axles have numerous drawbacks, not the least that they are usually rusty, worn, and inferior in several areas, especially the unit-bearing hubs. The new Dana Builder Axle program makes it possible to purchase all new components with a dead-spindle style hub assembly incorporated.

"In the past, enthusiasts had to go to junk yards to source old axles, especially the Ford kingpin Dana 60 'snow-fighter,'" said Randall Speir, senior account manager, motorsports, for Dana. "Now, Dana is making new components available, including many upgrades like the option of disc brakes and ball-joint wheel-end kits. And, we will be continuing to add additional options in the future – like a kingpin knuckle kit, so off-roaders can build the 'Ultimate Snow Fighter' axle."

The Dana Builder Axle is only available through authorized Dana distributors. The Builder Axle consists of a center housing and tubes, as well as a wheel end option. Internal components are also available.

The Builder Axle comes on a pallet and the tubes must be cut to the individual application specifications. The quandry of "driver-side drop" versus "passenger-side drop" is no longer a limiting factor with the Dana program; simply cut the tubes and position the differential housing to "drop" where desired.

The ball-joint knuckle kit and future release kingpin knuckle kits offered through the Dana Builder Axle program are provisioned for an SPL70/1550 series wheel-joint and a high steering arm to accommodate lifted vehicle applications, a feature also not found on junkyard axles.

It is also possible to install disc brakes on the Dana Builder Axle. The ball joint knuckle kit is compatible with Dodge brakes. The future release of the kingpin knuckle kit is compatible with Dodge brakes, using hubs with an 8 on 6.5" bolt pattern, or Ford brakes, with an 8 on 170 mm pattern.

Dana will highlight a number of new products at its exhibit at SEMA, Booth No. 36193, located in the South Hall Upper at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Source: Dana Incorporated