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Dépôt Bennes Services choose Curty Matériels for Hyundai machine

Hyundai HW250MH
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Hyundai HW250MH

IMAGE SOURCE: Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe

The French company Dépôt Bennes Services, known as DBS, has just purchased a new Hyundai HW250MH wheeled material handler from dealers Curty Matériels – another addition to its equipment fleet, which demonstrates DBS's longstanding commitment to the Hyundai brand and its Lyon dealership.


DBS is a French company specialising in collecting, recycling and reusing waste from construction sites. The company was established in 1989 by Raymond Hernandez, the father of present-day managing director David Hernandez. The firm celebrated its 30-year anniversary just last year. 

"When I joined the family business in 1993, the company's principal activity was collection services. We did nothing but provide and remove waste skips. In those days, we were not yet involved in waste management," said managing director, David Hernandez. "Around 1997 and 1998 the profession began to encounter problems with waste handling as tip and landfill sites started closing one after another, so it became necessary to find solutions for treating waste, as well as networks and industries for reusing waste. It was more or less in the early 2000’s that the industry began to speak of recycling," added David. 

This family-run company boasts an impressive turnover of 12 million EUR and has developed and grown over time: David commented on the company’s growth, he said, "from two salaried employees in 1993 – just me and my father– we have now grown into a workforce of around 50 employees, with a road fleet of 15 trucks and a fleet of construction equipment, of which 12 are Hyundai machines. Our head-office facility in Colombier-Saugnieu receives 50,000 tonnes of waste annually and has positioned itself as one of the industry's major players in the region. 

Our growth over the years has been achieved by investment in tools that enable us to optimise the sorting and reuse of waste, but equally to the acquisitions of companies: VALOMET, specialised in ferrous and other metals, and LBTP, headquartered in the department of Ain, have both enabled us to broaden the geographical range of our activities so we're able to serve six departments in France," notes Hernandez. 

The Hyundai HW250MH wheeled material handler: the ideal machine for handling waste from construction sites

Hernandez added, “Waste management is a vast industry. For our company, construction site waste accounts for 70 to 75% of our activity, while the remainder is comprised of waste from corporate entities and industry. We also manage the construction site waste generated when demolition work is performed. We recover all types of waste, whether as single products or mixed. We are very well equipped with the necessary tools and have an excellent sorting chain. We also collaborate with tradesmen and craftsmen, as well as big construction firms such as Vinci, Bouygues Construction, Eiffage, etc. to salvage all their waste. We also take care of bulky refuse, illegal fly tips, and the cleaning of collected refuse, etc.”

All of these working environments can be harsh, destructive and highly dusty… and therefore require machinery that is resistant, rugged and reliable. David Hernandez found a solution in the handlers and loaders from Hyundai, bought through the Curty Matériels dealership. 

When Hernandez wanted to add a wheeled material handler to his equipment fleet, he contacted, once again, the Lyon-based Hyundai dealership, Curty Matériels, to purchase a Model HW250MH machine. "Our fleet of construction equipment from Hyundai includes a 145LC-9 tracked excavator model, a HL970 wheel loader, a HL955 wheel loader, two wheeled material handlers, which comprise 200W7, 210W9MH, 210W9A, 170W9, and 170W7, and of course our most recent acquisition delivered in May, our HW250MH wheeled material handler. Every piece of equipment is a Hyundai and was purchased from Curty Matériels," says Hernandez. 

"I don't think there are any truly poor-quality equipment models being marketed today, they all have their strong points and their weak points, but above all we purchase our equipment from Curty Matériels. We pursue some rather particular areas of work, and therefore have need for very good aftersales service. Our specialised activities can at times demand a very prompt response, and Curty Matériels offers us peace of mind. They are professionals, they fielddeploy on site, and they respond and listen to our needs. It's an excellent partnership," Hernandez continues.

"The machines are put through hard testing, and work under very harsh conditions for construction equipment. This highly specialist equipment is subjected to demanding loads, but is ideal for our activities, which can essentially be summed up as: waste receiving, pre-sorting, feeding the sorting chain, reloading, etc. The first two equipment vehicles that we acquired have, as of today, notched up between 12,000 and 16,000 hours of operation – clear proof of their quality.

That is a lot work for a wheeled material handler operating in our industry, and it's rare that such equipment is still operable after such a long service life! What we equally appreciate is that, for this newest generation of material handlers, the equipment manufacturer has listened to the technical feedback that we (equipment operators) have provided over the years. For example, the chassis has been widened and reinforced, making the vehicle much more stable but without having lost any operational speed or cabin comfort. We have also had opportunities to explain our industry in depth to the manufacturer, who travelled to us onsite to learn more about our work. It is sturdy machine yet flexible and agile, and we speak highly of its efficiency and ability to do the job."

Source: Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe