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Ditch Witch® SK752 Mini Skid Steer Introduced with Added Capacity

Ideal for light- to medium-duty landscaping, construction and plumbing projects, the SK752 mini provides operators nearly 10 percent more operating capacity over similar models and the versatility of dozens of attachments.


Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, expands its line of compact equipment with the new, construction-grade SK752 mini skid steer with improved features that enable added confidence, productivity and versatility on the job.

“Landscapers, contractors and renters alike will benefit from the SK752 mini skid steer. They’ll find the machine has all the power and functionality needed for small or midsize projects,” said Andrew Schuermann, product manager, compact equipment, for the Ditch Witch organization. “It’s a compact tool carrier that accepts dozens of quick-connect attachments so operators can tackle multiple tasks on the jobsite, from utility, landscaping and underground construction work to plumbing projects.”

With its 24.8-hp (18.5-kW) Kubota® diesel engine – known for efficiency and low-maintenance –the machine wields impressive power for all machine functions. It also directs more power to the attachment than comparable models on the market, helping operators get the job done faster.

Operators will gain nearly 10 percent more operating capacity with the new skid steer over similar models. The machine has an 860-lb. (390-kg) operating capacity and increased hinge-pin height to 83 inches (211 cm) for more efficient loading.

The Ditch Witch organization puts operator safety, visibility and comfort first with the SK752 mini skid steer. It features an ergonomic operator’s station with standard dual-lever ground drive controls and an optional joystick. The machine’s large platform measures 74 square inches, with superior ground clearance that lets drivers work comfortably while maintaining good worksite visibility.

At the operator’s station, drivers stay in control with the two-way auxiliary control foot pedal. It lets operators maintain hydraulic flow to the attachment while keeping their hands free to control depth and ground speed.

Source: Ditch Witch