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DynaTrac® - Active Implement Guidance Interface Solutions

Why DynaTrac®

GPS or camera tractor guidance benefits are recognized by farmers around the world. While ensuring repeatable tractor positioning, it highlights that implements never trail perfectly behind the tractor. This prevents farmers from achieving the full potential of precision farming.


Reasons for implements inability to follow the tractor accurately

  • Slopes

  • Flat fields - implements can drift laterally due to:

    • Uneven soil condition across implement working width

    • Unsymmetrical pull due to implement configuration


LAFORGE DynaTrac® is a key link between the active implement guidance system and the implement by adjusting its lateral position.

It guarantees a high level of accuracy for the implement.

It operates with any brand of Active Implement Guidance providing correction instructions.

DynaTrac® benefits:

Position any implement with precision and repeatability to benefit from precision farming practices generating:

  • Higher yields

  • Improved productivity

  • Operational savings

  • Reduced operator fatigue

  • Reduced inputs by eliminating overlap of fertilizer, seed, chemical and tillage operations


  • Pulled, semi-mounted and carried implements → no need to purchase a specific, costly implement

  • Tractors equipped with an active implement guidance system

  • PTO driven implements




  • Economical → no need to buy an interface for each implement (cultivator, planter, ridger, bedder, sprayer, etc.)

  • Simple → only one software and interface to handle. Same standard software as for pulled implements

  • Profitable → reap precision farming benefits at each stage of the crop:

    • Tillage (strip-till, bedder, etc.)

    • Planting (place row precise to guidance line, enjoy uniform row spacing pass to pass)

    • Row crop cultivation (less crop damage, better mechanical weed control)

    • Interseeding (seed between cover crop rows or seeding into growing crop)

    • Slurry application (slurry tanker)

    • Spraying (less overlap, less crop damage, higher ground speeds to cover more acres in a day)

    • Side dressing (precision fertilizer placement in the root zone)

    • Drip irrigation

    • Harvesting (less crop loss from pushing the row with the header and no need to match planter and header width)

  • Universal → ideal for all crops:

    • Fruits / Vegetables

    • High value crops (potatoes, sugar beets, peanuts, etc.)

    • Row crops

    • Small grains (wheat, rice, etc.)

What customers say:

  • Top productivity! I can run higher ground speeds and cover more acres in a day with my sprayer because the row is true and I can trust my guidance to keep the sprayer off the crop

  • Great accuracy! Eliminates guess rows! I don’t have any issues running a 12 row corn head and a 16 row planter because the rows are uniformly spaced pass to pass

  • Worth it! This is truly a solution that pays you back all year long because of its accuracy in keeping the planter where it should be

  • Very efficient! It makes the process of growing seed corn easier with multiple passes across a field and equipment matching up to rows (male rows are planted later than female rows, multiple sprayer passes, mechanical detassler pass, mowing down male rows)

  • Gives me flexibility! Allows me to strip till and plant between my cover crop rows and be able to terminate at a later date.


What makes LAFORGE DynaTrac® Premium & Ultima universal and efficient?


DynaTrac® Premium & Ultima have an exclusive design that retains all the functionalities of a tractor rear 3-point hitch. Allowing it to easily, precisely and repeatedly locate the implement according to the GPS signal.

1. Free vertical float

  • When on side hill, the lower side tire deflects more that the upper side tire. Consequently, the tractor is no longer parallel to the ground.

  • DynaTrac® vertical float allows implement to follow ground contour

2. Free lower arm sway is a patented feature, decoupling the implement motion from the tractor:

  • Avoid side load on implement → no damage to the implement nor implement getting locked in the ground

  • Better steering response of the tractor and better handling of slope / curve than a rigid version

  • Perfect implement trailing. Tractor positioning corrections do not impact trailing

3. Sway control cylinder:

  • Free sway at work with 3-point

  • Lock during transport and with 2-point implement

  • Cylinder operation is easily managed with automated tractor sequences

4. Feed back sensor

  • Ensure accurate positioning


  • High accuracy guidance system: GPS

  • User interface

  • Application controller

  • Wiring harness and control valve

  • 1 GPS receiver on the implement

  • DynaTrac® can also be operated with camera guidance system