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ESCO Ultralok® U60 Adapters Now Offered with Wear Cap Option for Loaders and Excavators

Working closely with customers in demanding wheel loader and excavator applications, ESCO identified the need for additional adapter protection.


Large quarry and small mining class loader conditions can be extremely abrasive, accelerating top adapter wear. In addition to shortening adapter life, it exposes the back of the tooth to more wear and impact, especially during the dumping cycle.

ESCO has addressed this issue for the market leading Ultralok Tooth System in the U60 size used in quarry, mining, and construction applications by developing a wear cap adapter system. It is now available on all U60 size wheel loaders and excavators.

The Ultralok wear cap system includes a low-profile wear cap that is held in place by the point for quick and easy replacement. Since the wear cap is mechanically attached, it is cast in a much harder steel than the weld-on adapter to provide long-lasting protection.

The U60 wear cap system provides longer adapter life, more production and lower maintenance costs to further enhance the value of the Ultralok Tooth System.

Source: ESCO Group LLC