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Excellent seedbed structure with the RW6 and ANDPAK from Grégoire-Besson

In a bid to win the continuing fight against black grass, weeds and disease (mycotoxins) without the use of excessive chemicals, ploughing is still proving the most effective deterrent.

Available in 4-5 and 6 furrows the RW6 Mounted Plough from Grégoire-Besson offers high-performance ploughing through the use of the latest technology such as 3-point linkage suspension, angle adjustment, headstock-to-frame linkage via parallelogram, hydraulic independent front furrow adjustment and plough alignment.


To optimise traction and lateral forces, the RW6 is equipped with new offset leg elements. This technology combined with the new frame in “Z” design allows a better wheel position, wheel track is ‘taken out’ and load transfer is optimised.

With compaction and ventilation key, soil erosion also needs careful consideration – especially went working light to medium land.  The ANDPAK range of fully mounted rollers allows for consolidation of the soil directly behind the plough, limiting erosion whilst increasing moisture conservation. The result, an ideal structure for seedbed preparation or for sowing directly behind the plough.

Vario assembly ensures the ANDPAK roller adapts automatically to the width of the plough, whilst the realignment cylinder offers height adjustment of the roller, ensuring the correct compaction pressure is applied. In addition to offering both ploughing and soil consolidation in one pass the ANDPAK from Grégoire-Besson offers a reduction in both labour and fuel consumption costs.