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Huisman Board appoints proven leader André Meijer as Chief Executive Officer per August 2015; Joop Roodenburg to become Chief Technology Officer

Huisman announced today that André Meijer is appointed as Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 August 2015. This appointment follows the decision of Joop Roodenburg to step down as the company’s CEO this year to the CTO position. From this new position, Joop Roodenburg can fully focus on Huisman’s technical innovation, to make sure Huisman remains a technical frontrunner for its various product groups.  Furthermore, to continuously develop our strong link with our clients, Joop Roodenburg will also continue to lead the Sales and Concepts Group. As CTO, Joop Roodenburg will remain a member of the Board.


On behalf of the Huisman Board, Joop Roodenburg said:

”Since 1981 Huisman is a family business. I have taken over from my father and it is my dream that my children will take over the company in time. I have reached the age of 65 and I feel that it is time to further pave the way for the next generation by stepping aside and entering a role focused on innovation and technology”.

Ir. André Meijer (57) – Mechanical Engineering graduate from the Technical University in Delft - previously held the position of Managing Director of Imtech Marine. Prior to his role at Imtech Marine, he held various leadership positions at Volker Wessels Telecom, KPN, AT&T and Philips Lighting, successfully driving operational and sustainable growth. André is a proven leader, with a track record in organizational change and operational excellence, in challenging environments and circumstances.

The Family Roodenburg, Supervisory Board and Board of Directors have great confidence in André and are certain that he will further pave the way for the next generation Roodenburg to take over in the future.