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IAPA Award 2020 - RUTHMANN STEIGER® Ampero TBR 250 E is nominated for the "Innovative Technology Prize"

The manufacturer of aerial work platforms RUTHMANN has already reported on its nomination for the IAPA Award with the RUTHMANN STEIGER® TB 300 as Product of the Year - Vehicle mounted platforms. But that is not all. With the RUTHMANN STEIGER® Ampero TBR 250 E, RUTHMANN is also nominated for the IAPA Award, in fact for the "Innovative Technology Prize".


The new RUTHMANN Ampero TBR 250 E is the first fully electric STEIGER® and thus a real innovation. As the first manufacturer of aerial work platforms we offer a unique concept of electric drive: The traction battery of the Sprinter is simultaneously used for driving the Steiger. Therefore it requires only one charging device for the complete machine.

With STEIGER® Ampero TBR 250 E driving and working at height emission-free and in a quiet way no longer causes problems. Thereby, the RUTHMANN customers have the possibility for example to begin to work early in the morning or in the city during the opening hours without disturbing the residents or pedestrians. Even working in closed spaces emission-free is also possible.

RUTHMANN has in advance and confidentially presented the project “E-STEIGER®” to its long-standing customer GERKEN from Düsseldorf, Germany, who was immediately deeply impressed by this idea. Christian Gerken is aware of the concerns of his customers. Lots of companies and municipalities work in filled city centres and are afraid of being restricted through ban on diesel vehicles in the future. In order to enable flexible working conditions for its customers and in order to save the environment, Christian Gerken made a quick decision and bought the first RUTHMANN AMPERO TBR 250 E.

Thereby, Gerken is once again a forerunner and is currently able to rent exclusively to his customers the innovative electric STEIGER® AMPERO TBR 250 E. The next RUTHMANN AMPEROs are already sold and will be delivered in 2020.The investment in the latest technology has already paid off. "The Ampero is working at full capacity in the rental business and we are completely satisfied with the fully electronic truck mounted platform." says Christian Gerken, Managing Director of GERKEN Arbeitsbühnen GmbH, excited. Further projects with RUTHMANN are already planned.

Source: Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG

Ruthmann Ampero TBR 250 E on LECTURA Specs