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IAPA Award 2020- RUTHMANN STEIGER® TB 300 is nominated as Product of the Year

The manufacturer of aerial work platforms RUTHMANN has been nominated for the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs). With their flagship of the new TB/TBR series, the RUTHMANN STEIGER® TB 300, RUTHMANN can win the award in the category "Product of the Year - Vehicle mounted platforms".


This year's award ceremony will take place on 23 April in London, at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel Kensington. There are 12 award categories this year, ranging from new products and innovations to safety and training.

Until then, it's all about keeping fingers crossed.


The new RUTHMANN STEIGER® TB 300 sets a new world record with unprecedented 30 m to 3.5 t. A sensation on the truck-mounted aerial working platform market, stable and powerful.

The STEIGER® TB 300 is an entirely new development. Featuring a sensational 30-m working height, 17.1-m outreach and up to 300 kg cage load, the TB 300 on a 3.5-t chassis provides unprecedented performance capabilities. This innovation has an operating capacity that previously had only been available on 7.5-t truck-mounted work platforms. Class B driver's license holders benefit tremendously.

The first RUTHMANN STEIGER® TB 300s were delivered to GERKEN. This makes GERKEN the first work platform rental company in the world that can offer its customers 30 m working height and up to 17.1 m reach to 3.5 t. The first of a total of 15 truck-mounted platforms have already been delivered and can be rented from GERKEN with immediate effect under the name GL 30 L. The work platform rental company has always attached great importance to the latest technology, so the decision to invest in the fleet of 15 RUTHMANN STEIGER® TB 300 was easy.

Source: Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG