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In Russia there were realized 20 cranes on Kamaz chassis ©

• How long have you been engaged in the project of sales of cranes SPC on the commercial chassis KAMAZ?

This project was planned to be realized from the moment of foundation of our company in 2012. At Sany plant the prototype has been prepared, further testing, coordination, receipt of allowing documents have taken 2 years. The first cranes have been shown on CTT-2014.

• Why do clients choose the KC5573A crane on the chassis KAMAZ, but not for example, your most popular truck cranes of the STC series?

These are absolutely different cranes, though have identical loading capacity. STC cranes are mounted on the special crane chassis. It gives them the following benefits: the big basic contour, more weight of a counterweight, availability of the additional equipment (the 2nd winch, jib), and more the boom of these cranes is much longer. Loading characteristics of these cranes are 25% higher than similar ones on the commercial chassis. 
Cranes on the chassis KAMAZ are made in the Russian Federation and they are the Russian product, the price is lower than foreign and is comparable to the Russian ones. Crane superstructures can be mounted both on road and off-road chassis, and the last one is of great demand. All customers have different tasks and according to them they choose specific model of the crane. We have clients who have in their fleet both types of chassis.


Did you have any difficulties selling these truck cranes?

No difficulties actually , financial crisis of 2015 has strongly weakened the demand for equipment in general. Now the situation in the market is gradually recoverig, the market "comes to life", demand is appearing .

• How many cranes on the chassis KAMAZ are sold by now?

Not so much as we wanted to (laughs). I will repeat, about recession of sales in 2015 and growth of dollar. Crane superstructures are bought in this currency. In Russia more than 20 units are sold, still there is production in the Republic of Kazakhstan, there our cranes are called BATYR.

• Tell the arguments which were essential during this deal?

Quality of assembly and loading characteristics of this crane - so I would tell briefly as the seller of these machines. I will tell what consumers of our cranes pay the attention to. Quality of welding seams and paint and varnish covering, capacity of the subframe and big basic contour, working speeds of mechanisms and smoothness of their work. Also clients note lack of leaks of hydraulic liquid as it often happens at the Russian cranes. Russian color display of the computer and good price.

• Which client has purchased the last batch of cranes and where twill they work?

In June we delivered 5 units of KC5573A-3 cranes for the company from Tatarstan. 4 cranes will work in New Urengoy, and one will go to the Vankorsky field. In July we will ship to the Belgorod region and again to New Urengoy.

• Western Siberia is famous for its frosts. How is the situation with preparation of cranes for work in a frigid climate ?

Cranes are certified for work from -40 °C to +40 °C. While selling we checked at a customera about the place of operation of the crane and we recommend to order the so-called Frost package . For the North we initially order the prepared chassis. For comfortable and safe work the autonomous prestarting heater of the engine and a heater of a cabin of crane installation is established. The double windshield, heating of seats, wipers, a fuel-supply line and a compartment of joint stock bank is established. Hydraulic Shell liquid with a temperature of work up to -50 °C is filled in.

• And the traditional question about plans for the future.

This project will be continued with the extended model range. The batch of crane superstructures with a loading capacity of 25, 32 and 40 tons is already ordered. In addition to the chassis KAMAZ there is planned installation on the Belarusian MAZ chassis.