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Kässbohrer delivers customized coil transporter to RM Transport Go to photo
Kässbohrer delivers customized coil transporter to RM Transport

Kässbohrer delivers customized coil transporter to RM Transport

Offering the widest product range in Europe, Kässbohrer recently had the pleasure to deliver a unique coil transporter, K.SCC X+ , to Netherlands based transportation company RM Transport.

Kässbohrer, as well-known premium trailer manufacturer in the European transportation market, located in Germany, works with an extensive network of dealers throughout Europe.

The delivery of this unique Curtainsider is a perfect example of this cooperation between manufacturer and local dealers. The customer, RM Transport, represented by its owner Remco Berkvens had some ideas regarding the look of their ordered trailer, as transportation is not only their way of making a living, but also their passion.

The choice for Kässbohrer was easily made by RM Transport. As they are specialized in transport of coils, they needed a chassis which is extremely strong and robust, up to meet every coil to be transported without any problem. Furthermore, equipped with sliding roof and K-Fix system, Kässbohrer enhances the safety during loading operation and makes the transport process comfortable for the customer.

Once the trailer was ready, the local dealer, Van Tilburg-Bastianen in Netherlands, added the final extra visual details on the chassis, such as additional marker lights and painting of the rims. With this cooperation, RM Transport got themselves a trailer with not only high quality, but also with an admirable beauty.


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