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KÄSSBOHRER is on full thortle with the new state-of-art website

Just a month after receiving the VerkehrsRundschau’s “Highest Increase in Image Ranking in 2017” award, leading European trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer announced the brand new Kässbohrer website, starting the 2017 on full throttle. The new Kässbohrer website goes online on March 10th.

A balance between engineering and ingenuity, the new Kässbohrer website reflects the company motto in every way. The cutting-edge design supports the website’s functionality creating a visually satisfying yet extremely practical experience. The website is carefully crafted to create the perfect customer service platform where users can find the necessary information and easily communicate with Kässbohrer from every section of the website.

The design of the webpage is developed in order to shape an outstanding user experience for the visitors. The visuals and details are modernized, befitting of Kässbohrer quality.

The display of the product details are updated in order to be simple and informative at the same time. It is possible to find all up to date technical information and print technical sheets with one click from product page. Every product page features specific product details that differentiate Kässbohrer from others in the industry. All that makes Kässbohrer products unique are much easily discoverable. Customers are able to contact Kässbohrer about the products directly.

The “Find Us” section of the website is a perfect example of throughout communication channel between the user and the company. Customers from all around the world can easily get in touch with Kässbohrer sales, after sales and service points directly, in a simple map navigation.

On the technical perspective, the website runs on easily updatable systems so that Kässbohrer can present their customers and their partners with most up to date information in the swiftest possible manner. All the details within the website, whether new product designs, recent events and news or visuals are constantly updated, demonstrating Kässbohrer’s focus on details and their resolve to give the customers the best experience that they can get.

With the new website, Kässbohrer not only reaches out to the customers and partners with a different approach, but also emphasizes that, within these days where global networking has the utmost importance, creating an exceptional digital platform for the trailer industry is the way to excel within this market.


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