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Locamod takes on tomorrow’s major construction projects with a Genie® SX™-180 telescopic boom lift

High performance at extreme height, productivity and ease of transport: a wise choice for Locamod Chartres


Headquartered in Paris and under the presidency of Bertrand Philaire since 2016, French rental company Locamod Elévation recently received delivery of a Genie® SX™-180 telescopic boom lift at its north Paris branch in Domont (95).

Thibault Jameau, Director of the company’s New Business unit explains what made this acquisition such a logical decision: “Our company has a resolutely forward-looking approach. Our customers want productivity and, with their needs in mind, we want to offer end users the best solutions that allow them to work efficiently and respond to the challenges of tomorrow’s large construction projects. These include developments related to the Grand Paris project, the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, and, because our new Genie SX-180 boom is available for rental nationwide, a large number of other jobsites all over France!”

Given the company’s outlook, he underlines the reasons why the company’s president made a wise decision in choosing this particular model. “We needed to offer our customers a machine combining the ability to work at extreme heights with productivity and ease of transport. The Genie SX-180 boom ticks all the right boxes.”

Combining a maximum working height of almost 57 m (187 ft), a horizontal reach of more than 24 m (78 ft 7 in), the ability to work below grade, plus a 3 m (9 ft 8 in) jib, the Genie SX-180 delivers the performance operators need to work efficiently and precisely.

Regarding productivity, its full height drive capability is one of the model’s key features that, unlike truck-mounted booms, implies that there is no need to stop working to reposition the machine when moving from one work area to the next.

Furthermore, no need for special convoys either, which saves time and money compared with other machines in its category. Not to mention savings compared with the rental of a truck-mounted unit, which entails the extra expense of an additional operator and makes customers less self-reliant.

For every rental of its new Genie SX-180 boom, Locamod Elévation provides a familiarization session to ensure that operators are at ease with the machine from the first day of use.

Source: Terex Aerial Work Platforms; Genie