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Demag AC 100-4L

Madisa adds two Demag® all terrain cranes

Order for Demag AC 100-4L and AC 220-5 all terrain cranes

Mexico’s heavy machinery distributor, Madisa, is expanding its crane inventory with the addition of a new Demag® AC 100-4L all terrain crane and a new Demag AC 220-5 all terrain crane. Committed to providing its customers with the industry’s best machinery, Madisa chose Demag because of the cranes’ quality engineering and manufacturing craftsmanship.

Demag AC 220-5


As a Terex Cranes full line distributor, Madisa is seeing a higher demand for versatile compact roadable crane models. The 4-axle Demag AC 100-4L crane, and 5-axle Demag AC 220-5 model are the most compact sized units in their class, can travel at highway speeds and feature an intelligent motor management system that reduces operational cost and required maintenance.

On the job, the Demag AC 100-4L crane has a 100 tonne (120 US tons) operating classification and a maximum system length of 81.7 meters (268 ft), the largest operating range of any all terrain crane in its class. The 220 tonne (245 US ton) capacity class AC 220-5 crane features a single engine concept  with an impressive main boom reach of 78 m (255.9 ft) and a maximum system length of 99 m (324.8 ft).

Madisa will have its new Demag all terrain cranes in stock in the next few months.

Source: Terex Cranes

Demag AC 100-4L on LECTURA Specs
Demag AC 220-5 on LECTURA Specs