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Massey Ferguson, Michelin and Grégoire-Besson demonstrate how good design drives efficiency.

Three French manufacturers are putting on a special joint display at the SIMA Show, in Paris from 26th February to 2nd March 2017, where they will explain how their close co-operation delivers tangible benefits for farmers.


Massey Ferguson is joining with fellow leading French manufacturers, Michelin and Grégoire-Besson, to demonstrate how advanced engineering designs combine to improve field performance for farmers.

“No machine works in isolation on a farm, so working closely with colleagues makes sense and helps us all to develop our technology,” says Campbell Scott. “This autumn we jointly examined the potential to reduce compaction and increase traction when ploughing with a Grégoire-Besson plough pulled by a MF 8730 tractor, equipped with completely new Michelin tyres.

“The results show how each element enhances the work quality, productivity and performance, as well as protects the soil. It also illustrates how by carefully selecting the right tractor, equipped with the best tyres for the job and matching those to the best implement makes a big difference,” he adds.

During the trials the MF 8730 tractor was fitted with Michelin’s new VF650/85R42 AxioBib 2 tyres with Michelin Ultraflex Technology. This is a completely new design developed particularly to enable large high power tractors to be used for ploughing in the furrow.

The large, 2.15m diameter tyres, running at a pressure of just 0.8 bar place three full lugs on the ground, creating a 26% longer footprint than previous designs. At the same time, this greater soil contact area increases traction by up to 28%, reducing wheelslip by a third and saving fuel.

“This demonstrates the gains that can be made by selecting the best tyres for the job, running at the right pressures on a well ballasted tractor and a high quality, properly set plough,” adds Mr Scott. “The figures are clear – this combination will save time, diesel and cut soil compaction in the furrow by reducing smearing and running at low inflation pressures.”

The MF 8730, at 295hp has an impressive maximum permitted weight of 18t, allowing ballast to be added, when required, for jobs like ploughing. For transport duties, the ballast can be removed to allow impressive payload, cycle times and fuel savings.

“It’s impossible to remove weight from a heavy draft tractor, but it’s simple to add ballast to an inherently light tractor, like the MF 8730. Lighter tractors use less fuel and cut soil compaction, with users adding only enough weight for each specific task,” he explains.

Other MF 8700 Series features also improve performance when ploughing. Electronic aids such as Dual Control, which has been included in the Datatronic system for many years, is a unique system that allows operators to automate the entry and exit settings on semi-mounted ploughs. It also works in combination with the draft control to raise and lower the linkage and depth wheel, in response to ground conditions.

The standard Dyna-VT transmission allows operators to set the precise speed for the quality of work and conditions, with Dynamic Tractor Management automatically adjusting the engine speed and transmission for the most efficient operation.

“This shows there is more to Massey Ferguson high power tractors, like the MF 8730, than just raw power. These modern designs include a wide range of sophisticated, but easy to use, technology that helps operators to get work done faster and more efficiently,” adds Mr Scott.

MF 8740 400hp flagship makes SIMA, Paris show debut

With a maximum power of 400hp, the new MF 8740, which makes its debut at the SIMA show in Paris, is Massey Ferguson’s most powerful tractor ever. It heads a six-model range, which are all powered by the latest 8.4 litre AGCO Power engines and equipped with Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission as standard.

With a minimum weight of 10.8t they are up to 4t lighter than others in this class. “Their light weight and high power, provide an industry-leading power to weight ratio. Combined with their enormous strength, this results in a versatile, agile tractor that delivers maximum performance for a wide range of operations,” adds Mr Scott.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson