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MCFA Intoduces New Junheinrich® Center-Control Riders To North American Product Line

ECE 227 / 236 XL NA Series’ Order Picking Options Maximize Performance Across Variety Of Applications


Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA), the provider of Jungheinrich® lift trucks and narrow-aisle products in the United States, Canada and Mexico, today introduced the new Jungheinrich 6,000- and 8,000-pound capacity ECE 227 XL / 236 XL NA center-control riders to its North American product line. These new energy-efficient models deliver high handling performance and the lowest energy consumption available on the market, allowing operators to move more goods throughout the day.

Reaching top travel speeds of 8.7 mph, the new ECE series is specifically designed for long-distance applications with extended operating times. It boasts a proprietary electronic JetPilot steering control (standard on both models), which allows operators to move intuitively and easily navigate the truck within narrow aisles and around corners. The truck also features an optimized touch mode in the backrest. This enables the operator to collect goods rapidly from closely positioned picking locations without having to move on and off the truck.

“Designed for greater control and high performance, the ECE series offers a more comfortable and productive solution for order picking applications,” said Chad Munger, product line manager at MCFA. “The ECE series is extremely adaptable to cater to operator comfort and productivity, while also benefiting from Jungheinrich’s proprietary electronic JetPilot steering wheel for greater control in turning and operation. We are excited to offer this new series to our North American customers.”   

Unique benefits of the ECE 227 / 236 XL NA center-control riders include:

  • Advanced proprietary three-phase AC technology – Delivering low-speed constant torque and high-speed constant power, the ECE 227 / 336 XL NA offers high performance with reduced operating costs and rapid acceleration for increased productivity. Operators are able to quickly and securely change travel direction without a pause in operation – ideal for warehouse applications with long run times.

  • Ideal workstation for maximum picking performance – The operator compartment can be customized with individually-configured storage options, an adjustable stand-on platform and foldable seat to reduce operator fatigue during long-distance travel. Extra collision protection can be added to the frame with optional steel and rubber bumpers. Optional productivity-enhancing functionality includes rapid lifting of the load by double pressing the lift button.

  • Options for added comfort and awareness – The ECE features advanced ergonomics to improve operator comfort during long-distance travel and reduce back strain. These include six variations of operator backrest selections that are customizable with additional padding, armrests, height adjusting, fold-down seat or extended load protection for high loads. Day-time LED lights and the red floor spotlight are additional options that can be added if increased awareness of traffic and loads is needed inside the warehouse.

New Jungheinrich products are supported by a one-year/2,000-hour warranty that includes parts and labor, as well as components and systems, and a two-year/4,000-hour extended powertrain warranty. All Jungheinrich products are backed by the Parts Fast or Parts Free Guarantee that ensures next-business-day delivery by 5 p.m. of Jungheinrich parts or the parts are free, including freight, in the United States. For customers in Canada and Mexico, the guarantee ensures shipping of parts within 24 hours of the time the order was placed.