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New ESCO Ultralok® Points Available for Continuous Edge Applications

Contractors are in a unique position with the wide range of applications and digging conditions they encounter. The ability to quickly adapt their equipment to match upcoming job requirements is key to efficiency and lower operating costs.

There is often a need for a continuous edge to provide a smooth floor in pipeline, foundation excavation and other similar applications.

ESCO’s innovative Ultralok Tooth System now offers a series of easy-to-change tooth options that can quickly convert construction buckets to a continuous edge configuration.

Select Ultralok construction sizes will be expanded to include four new continuous edge point profiles – right-hand and left-hand corners, a standard center point and a wide center point.

The Ultralok U30, U35, U40 and U45 are all available with the new points shapes to convert buckets to a continuous edge profile.

The distinctive integral hammerless lock of the Ultralok system allow the continuous edge points to be installed and removed quickly as conditions demand – saving time, maintenance costs and ensuring the right configuration for the job at hand.

Source: ESCO Group LLC