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RUTHMANN’s HEIGHT performance STEIGER® T 400 celebrates world premiere at APEX

The APEX trade show in Amsterdam was the work platform event of the year for RUTHMANN.  It was here that the German work platform manufacturer introduced the latest addition to its innovative HEIGHT performance series – the brand new STEIGER® T 400. This professional work platform, mounted on a 2-axle chassis, features a 40 m working height and has a lateral reach of 31 m.

Celebrating its world premiere at this year’s APEX trade show in Amsterdam: the RUTHMANN HEIGHT performance-STEIGER® T 400.

Like the other models in the popular HEIGHT performance series, the T 400 provides top performance and scores major points with its exceptional price-performance ratio.

Of course, this newest RUTHMANNSTEIGER® innovation comes with the same useful features as those found on the other exciting models (T 380,
T 460, T 540, T 630 and top-of-the- range T 720) in the HEIGHT performance series. Models in this series have become immensely popular in Germany and around the world.

The RUTHMANN HEIGHT performance-series sets the ultimate benchmark for large-scale machinery.  The innovative upper boom – up to 20 m long – with its movable jib (RÜSSEL®) makes a real difference. RUTHMANN also utilizes the most innovative steel fabrication methods.

The T 400 has the largest telescoping work cage in its category and can be ordered with the optional Lift-Up System (to lift heavy and bulky items). Furthermore, the T 400 can be mounted on all common truck makes and models. The total vehicle length is a compact 9.76 metres.

LTE expansion work and UMTS improvements continue unabated. Only truck-mounted aerial work platforms with exceptional agility can get the job done safely and efficiently. The brand new RUTHMANN T 400 is absolutely perfect for this type of assignment.

The picture (on the left) illustrates the amazing performance capabilities of the T 400. It comes with a 31 m lateral reach and enormous upper boom length. The movable jib (RÜSSEL®) and the rotating/ telescoping work cage, guarantee maximum agility at the job site.

Work platform rental companies have noticed a growing demand for truck-mounted aerial work platforms in the 40 m working height category.  A major reason for this can be attributed to the ongoing LTE expansion initiative. Mobile network operators often choose work platforms with a 40 m working height range. With the new T 400 and T 480 (48 m working height and 2-axle chassis), RUTHMANN has firmly set its sights on this growing sector. Customers now have two models from which to choose from.

Even before the T 400 made its international debut in Amsterdam, RUTHMANN had already recorded an influx of incoming orders for this newest HEIGHT performance-innovation.

The long upper boom and movable jib (RÜSSEL®), give the STEIGER® T 400 the performance capabilities to carry out assignments safely and efficiently when working up high. Its amazing agility even allows operators to work BEHIND objects. Pictured here: the
T 400 and its fully adjustable support mechanism. With outriggers extended on one side only, traffic continues to move freely at this job site.

In addition to compact overall dimensions – total vehicle length of just 9.75 m and height of just 3.76 m – the new T 400 also has amazing performance capabilities. RUTHMANN’s newest work platform features a 40 m working height and 31 m lateral reach.

Source: Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG