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SPL® 250 Lite Driveshaft Expands Dana's Line of Lightweight, Durable Driveline Systems for Commercial Trucks

Dana Incorporated today announced the launch of its SPL® 250 Lite driveshaft, the next generation in a robust series of driveshafts optimized for the most popular configurations of heavy-duty commercial trucks.


Designed to handle torque ratings up to 25,000 Nm, the new SPL 250 Lite driveshaft is up to 25 pounds lighter than competitive products.  It has been specifically engineered to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels; improve performance; and enhance vehicle dynamics without compromising strength.

"The lower numeric axle ratios required to support engine downspeeding and improve fuel efficiency can cause significant stress to the drivetrain and alter harmonics in driveline components," said Mark Wallace, executive vice president of Dana and president of Dana Commercial Driveline Technologies.  "Excessive vibration leads to unplanned downtime and driver fatigue on the road.  The SPL 250 Lite driveshaft leverages proprietary precision manufacturing methods that ensure no NVH issues while delivering a smooth ride.  It also reduces weight without sacrificing performance or durability."

The SPL 250 Lite driveshaft widens the range of applications supported by an updated family of lightweight, durable driveshaft products and expands on the successful launch of the SPL 350 Lite driveshaft earlier this year.

Designed with fewer components to reduce weight and enable faster, easier installation by OEMs, the driveshafts in this series feature extended component life and reduced maintenance.  They also share service components with their existing SPL 350 and SPL 250 driveshaft counterparts, increasing ease of service and simplifying inventory for truck owners and service facilities.

Both the SPL 250 Lite and SPL 350 Lite driveshafts are available with a choice of service-free or standard re-lube designs to accommodate fleet preference.  Dana was the first supplier in the industry to offer universal joint kits that are 100 percent interchangeable, allowing truck owners to change between service-free and re-lube configurations.

Dana will present a comprehensive lineup of driveline technologies and other solutions for commercial vehicles in booth 2430 at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle show this week.

Source: Dana Incorporated