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SPLITTER®: The Separation multi-talent used in the application demolition and construction waste

Our multi-talent SPLITTER® is the right solution, regarding the separation of all imaginable materials from demolition and construction waste for the further processing with recycling methods.


Building rubble and demolition waste have to be separated professionally. The pure building rubble only consists of stones, plaster and mortar – without any contaminants you can supply this material to direct recycling.

Even the smallest contaminations, e.g. wallpaper residue make building rubble to demolition waste. The disposal of this demolition waste is only possible at landfill sites or waste disposal stations. The separation is worth the effort in two respects, because demolition waste consists of many components that cannot be recycled and for the disposal you also have to pay significantly higher costs.

The spiral shaft separator SPLITTER® - the separation system for materials that are difficult to screen – allows the separation of a high-calorific fraction (e.g. stones) in different sizes by treating demolition waste. The undersize grain fraction can be separated without any clogs due to the special working method of our SPLITTER: the unique combination of roller conveyor with Archimedean spirals.

Visit us at the bauma on our stand F0.N1021/4 from April, 15th till 21th and convince yourself of the performance of the SPLITTER®.

The technology of the spiral shaft separator has proven its quality in the recent years by separating household and commercial waste. Planners and operators are not able pass the SPLITTER® due to its low and compact installation option, the reliable self-cleaning and the wear-free operation. The SPLITTER® technology is being systematically developed, so different variants results, which allows the application in special areas. For example the separation of undersize grain fractions with a screen gap of 20-500 mm and the separation of oversized parts. This is especially a relevant issue in case of separating waste wood, bio waste and the treatment of RDF.

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