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The Ban-Air® WalkLift®, Setting New Standards

Ban-Air Storage Systems will present during the 10-12 February2015 at the Logimat 2015 show in Stuttgart the European premiere of the WalkLift® system, directly arriving from the USA. Visit us at Hall 1 / Stand No. 1B62


The WalkLift® arrives to address common concerns across the industry when it comes to safety and accident reduction of the material handling devices and is designed to work in narrow aisle environments, where accidents are most common. The WalkLift® represents a good alternative to stacker forklifts, which are widely-used in the industry to operate within narrow aisle environments, but which carry a strong compromise towards safety and represent one of the highest risk factors in the workplace. Warehouse operations in congested or narrow environments with poor visibility and at speed are common and stacker forklifts have to rely on a skilled operator for accident prevention, due to the limited forklift active safety systems available. The WalkLift® is also ideal in industries where, either due to regulatory or corporate policy, forklifts are not allowed in areas where personnel are working.

The WalkLift® is an integrated lifting and handling device as a mast and bridge system suspended from the racking system, with active safety zoning sensors that control motion, speed and collision risk, and makes the storage and retrieval of items safer and easier for all workers, and ensures an efficient and productive operation in narrow aisle environments. The built in WalkLift® active safety devices will protect the user and the assets and will ensure a good return on the investment. The

WalkLift® has been in constant evolution since its initial inception in the 1970’s in the USA and has been adapted to meet all current standards of the European marketplace and arrives with a bag full of successful stories across the industry in America.The WalkLift® can be installed on the Ban-Air® Instantly Adjustable Racks. The specialized racking system of Ban-Air® provides instant adjustability of the storage levels every 15cm with a system of hooks and platforms, which provides the user with full control and flexibility to adapt the racking to the requirements of the stored products every time, unlike in traditional racks where the levels are fixed.

Ban-Air® Storage Systems is established in the United Kingdom and provides innovative and highlyspecialized storage solutions for the MRO, manufacturing and storage industry worldwide. “Our focus is on customer experience, providing excellence at all stages of a project, with an international team of experts and through dedication, expertise and knowledge”, Peter Gunn, President of Ban-Air® Storage Systems.