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"Micromix – die Betontankstelle®"

The success story continues: One year of "Micromix – die Betontankstelle®" under the umbrella of Fliegl Baukom

One year ago, Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH took over "Micromix-die Betontankstelle®" (Micromix-the concrete filling station). The burning question at that time was: How would Fliegl further develop the established brand? "Micromix-die Betontankstelle®" has certainly acquired an excellent reputation in 16 years.


So Fliegl's initial approach was to retain the recipe for success. True to the motto "Never change a winning team", the proven service employees were taken on and the developer of the concrete filling station, Karl-Heinz Schreiber, now functions as the Sales Manager. The former Managing Director had the simple but ingenious idea of a fully automatic filling station for concrete.

The customer chooses the type he needs on site from among eight different kinds of concrete and then receives a chip card. Then the customer parks his pick-up vehicle under the end of the conveyor belt. Next he inserts the chip card in the chip card reader. The corresponding type and amount of concrete is mixed in the system mixing module and then moved to the vehicle, for example a trailer or tipper, by means of a conveyor belt.


Martin Fliegl, Director of Research and Development at Fliegl Baukom, is more than satisfied with the trend in the past twelve months. "Not only did we build up the network of filling stations from 190 to over 250, we have also developed some new application possibilities:" For example, the "Geiger" Group is producing modules in a connector system from recycled construction materials. New projects can be implemented quickly and easily with the simple connector system: from partition wall and support wall to storage boxes, garages or silos.

Thus Micromix-die Betontankstelle® is an ideal partner not only for the construction industry and building material retailers who want to offer their customers individual solutions. Especially "small professional customers" such as garden and landscaping professionals, fence builders, building and road construction companies or janitorial services benefit from the possibility of lower emission levels. But also ambitious do-it-yourselfers and private users can quickly and easily "fill up" on fresh concrete for their unreinforced components.

Martin Fliegl and Karl-Heinz Schreiber have an ambitious list of undertakings for the next year. The next step is to build up a dense network of Micromix-die Betontankstelle® – and many other projects are lined up in other European countries.

Source: Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH