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Terex Advance FDB7000 Front Discharge Mixer Truck

The Terex® Advance FDB7000 front discharge mixer truck maximizes payload capacity for federal bridge formula markets

The largest truck and workhorse of the front discharge mixer truck line, the Terex® Advance FDB7000 Front Discharge Mixer boasts a true 10-yd3 (7.6-m3) payload capacity in markets adhering to Federal Bridge Formula weight standards, allowing producers to deliver more concrete to jobsites every day. Its highly maneuverable front discharge design enables the driver to efficiently navigate jobsites, discharge the load from inside the cab and quickly return to the plant for another load.


The seven-axle FDB7000 mixer truck boasts a long 33.8-ft (10.3-m) front axle to rear tag axle span to meet Federal Bridge Formula standards. The unique Terex Advance steering system enables the FDB7000 truck to take full advantage of the front axle’s inside cut, delivering nimble maneuvering around congested project sites. The truck can be equipped with three front axle options – two drum brake models and one disc brake version – that offer up to a 42-degree wheel cut. This reduces curb-to-curb turning radius by up to 25% over previous truck generations and offers industry-leading turning radius for its class.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG Truck Features

The FDB7000 truck on display in Terex Gold Lot booth #G3382 during CONEXPO-CON/AGG from March 7-11, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nev., is equipped with an automatic lube system. This Terex Advance feature lubricates more than 70 locations on the mixer truck every 30 minutes. Consistent automatic lubrication to these truck points purges water and debris from the joints to enhance truck longevity.

This Federal Bridge Formula model also includes the Terex Advance cold-weather package option that enables the truck to efficiently operate in climates where temperatures drop below freezing during the winter months. The optional package includes a 120V engine block heater for reliable cold-weather starting, 120V coolant system heater and heated mirrors. Exclusive to Terex Advance, all the water valves in this package are enclosed in a manifold heated by free system heat returning from the cab heater. The manifold eliminates the need to fill the 150 gal (567.8 l) aluminum tank with heated water or leave the valves open to a trickle in order to prevent valve freezing and improves water system reliability.

Offering easy adjustment and simplified servicing, bolt-on drum trunnion rollers support and allow the truck’s 11 yd3 (8.4 m3) drum to rotate. The paver drum features a 3/16-in (0.48-cm) shell thickness to reduce truck tare weight, while its hardened AR400 steel material delivers high wear resistance and long service life. Internal 0.25-in (6.35-mm) thick fins and flights are positioned to deliver consistent mixing and discharge of both high- and low-slump concrete. After concrete delivery, the truck’s certified 120 psi (8.3 bar) water tank delivers quick drum and truck clean-up.

The show FDB7000 front discharge mixer truck is equipped with a Brigade camera system that displays video from behind the truck when moving in reverse to improve truck maneuverability and onsite safety. Enhancing truck visibility, new LED lighting surrounds the engine hood, and the truck is equipped with LED daytime running lights. New front and rear aluminum fenders help to reduce truck weight and increase payload, while a new frictional plate design integral to the front fender and bumpers offer superior wear resistance from rock chips.

Delivering the power to navigate mountainous terrain with ease, the FDB7000 truck on display features the top-of-the-line 425 hp (317 kW) Cummins ISX12 diesel engine offering 1,550 ft-lb (2,102 nm) torque. The Cummins engine can also be configured in 385- and 350-hp (287- and 261-kW) power rating packages. The FDB7000 also offers three, 350- to 450-hp (261- to 336-kW) MTU Series 1300 (DD13) diesel engine power packages as well as three 350- to 400-hp (261- to 298-kW) CLEAN Cummins ISX-12G compressed natural gas engine options.

Options Improve Truck Flexibility

The Terex Advance FDB7000 Front Discharge Mixer Truck, along with all Terex Advance models, can be equipped with a number of options to give producers the flexibility to customize truck configuration to meet specific market needs. These options include:

A new Meritor DualTrac™ rear axle features disc brakes to reduce stopping distance. Without sacrificing bearing life, the axle allows companies to run either wide-based single tires for increased fuel economy and higher payload or dual tires for greater tractive effort.

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    A new, innovative SAF Holland ADZ Vocational air drive rear tandem suspension reduces overall truck weight in a simplified, straight forward design. The new suspension increases roll stability by more than 25 percent over other options.

  • A Meritor front axle delivers a 42-degree wheel cut to reduce turn radius and features disc brakes to lower tare weight and improve stopping performance over drum brakes.

  • The ZF CML 12 drum drive with reengineered pedestal mounting reduces truck weight by nearly 500 lb (226.8 kg) over other drive designs to increase payload capacity.

  • Featuring cell wireless system connectivity, a new four-channel Brigade video camera system with recording capability provides 360-degree view around the truck and inside the cab to optimize safe truck operation.


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