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Thorndon Park Golf Club course manager Robert George declares Toro Lynx “absolutely perfect” after a season of putting it through its paces. Go to photo
Thorndon Park Golf Club course manager Robert George declares Toro Lynx “absolutely perfect” after a season of putting it through its paces.

The Toro® Lynx® Effect Continues at Thorndon Park Golf Club

The Toro® Lynx® effect continues at Thorndon Park Golf Club, as course manager Robert George declares it “absolutely perfect” after a season of putting it through the paces.

In 2008, George oversaw the installation of a Toro irrigation system across the 240-acre, 18-hole course in Essex. The system featured 855S sprinklers back-to-back on the greens and surrounds, and T7s on the tees, with a Toro SitePro® central control to manage all system components.

“That system was great and served us well for over a decade,” says George. “But the PC tower was on its way out, so when I was at BTME in Harrogate in January I decided to have a chat with Rob Green and Robert Jackson on the Reesink Turfcare stand about the Lynx system. I took a good look at the system, which was on display and decided there was no need to look anywhere else. It had everything I was looking for.”

And what George was looking for was an increase in technological capabilities. “I wanted more information and more programming options,” confirms George.

Designed in conjunction with a now Google software developer, and in close consultation with greenkeeping and other turf professionals, Lynx’s key features and benefits include an intuitive interface that allows users to precisely customize the system to their course conditions and requirements.

It features reporting and map components, plus access to comprehensive information like weather and pump stations, sprinklers and intelligent control with two-way communication between the control system and decoders giving ‘live’ reaction and adjustments to current activated irrigation programs. And with a season of use under his belt, George says with conviction: “It’s perfect, absolutely perfect.

“It’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do, and making my life easier. I’ve hardly had to touch it, we’ve had the odd decoder go, but you’d expect that. Making alterations, changes and adjustments is simple, and it once again confirms my faith in the quality and technology of Toro.”

As a Toro machinery customer as well as an irrigation customer, Thorndon Park is a Toro Total Solution customer – and a very happy one from the sounds of things.

Source: TORO


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