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Vallée joins forces with pmp Solutions to offer a new service created to optimize handling operations

Vallée, the Québec manufacturer and designer of lift trucks and handing equipment, announces it is partnering with pmp Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in software solutions for the wood industry, to launch a system that tracks and analyzes lift truck operating and movement data for the purpose of enhancing operational productivity.

Handling operations key to the wood industry


The wood industry has made productivity gains one of the central drivers of its restructuring process. This is a sector where logistics and handling have a direct impact on the profitability of operations, especially in the case of primary manufacturing plants, where handling operations abound. The complexity of the logistical chain can render optimizing these operations a difficult task given the sheer volume of data that would have to be analyzed — a logistical puzzle that could potentially bottleneck operations or lead to equipment being under or over utilized.

Innovative Vallée service draws from multiple productivity sources

Aware that some of its clients were experiencing this operational conundrum, Vallée approached François Léger, CEO of pmp Solutions, a firm widely reputed in the wood industry, so the two companies could join forces in creating a solution for Vallée’s clients. The solution is based on a data acquisition system whose program was developed by François Léger’s team. Whereas applications currently on the market provide lift truck location and maintenance related information, Vallée’s solution goes further by making it possible to link with the manufacturing system in order to track and analyze lift truck routes and handling operations so needs may be anticipated and coordinated in advance. It taps into a wide range of services tasked with improving handling productivity. Users can receive sets of statistics in real time for each piece of equipment. The solution also suggests alternative routes to help draft more productive configuration plans. Better still, Vallée can assist with managing order books so you can plan the movement of material in advance. And ultimately, the productivity gains are directly culled from the equipment: Vallée uses the findings to modify the lift trucks’ parameters, optimize their performance, and generate maintenance and fuel consumption savings.
Vallée can deliver responses tailored to the needs and areas of improvement detected by the system’s interface. Thus further entrenching the Québec company’s reputation as a trailblazer and rendering it an indispensable partner for the wood industry community.