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Vicon RO-XXL GEOSPREAD® - Farming with Precision

Precision Farming Edition


Vicon is launching the RO-XXL® - Precision Farming Edition as new flagship in its well-known and proven GEOSPREAD® range. This model enables high speed spreading in combination with variable rate application per section in the professional arable farmer segment. The spreader has a completely new design, including some advanced features and a re-designed RotaFlow spreading system for high accuracy at high driving speeds.

Increased Precision with New Technologies

“It is increasingly becoming a requirement to apply a different application rate within a working width”, explains Piet Jan van der Marel, R&D Manager Crop Care. He continues: “In order to spread the right amount of fertiliser at a specific place in a field there is a need to have a different rate within the working width. The GEOSPREAD® system can now move the spreading pattern depending on the requested application rate per section. This means a more accurate application of nutrients to have a better nutrient efficiency, better yield and reduce costs”.

High Speed Spreading

“The newly designed RotaFlow spreading system with eight high capacity vanes on each disc ensures a perfect overlap, not only in the working width, but also in the driving direction”, explains Piet Jan. “With two metre sections, four load cells and a reference sensor, the RO-XXL GEOSPREAD® can do high speed spreading under all circumstances. With eight vanes per disc this spreader is not limited in maximum spreading speed, as there is enough overlap for a stripe-less spreading pattern”.

High Quality with High Accuracy

With the RotaFlow system, fertiliser is gently brought up to speed in the dosing cup, before it is released on the disc. The RotaFlow system has some important advantages:

  • No impact, so no fragmentation of fertiliser. Spreading pattern is not affected by damaged fertiliser.

  • Eight vanes per disc instead of two. With eight vanes fertiliser is released on a high frequency for a very constant flow and even spreading pattern, also in the driving direction, which is especially important when driving higher speeds and spreading larger quantities.

  • Sections of only 2 metres that can be switched on and off in all directions for an even distribution in the field.

  • Accurate spreading in hilly conditions. An inclination of the spreader does not affect the release point of the fertiliser on the disc and from the vane. This means that the quality of the spreading pattern will not be influenced.

New Design with New Features

Besides the new high speed spreading system the RO-XXL GEOSPREAD® also has a new design including new features. An electrical hopper cover is available to easily open and close the cover via an ISOBUS terminal without leaving the tractor cab. By using section control and variable rate applications the hopper may empty differently per side. Therefore the operator is now warned when the fertiliser reaches a minimum level in each side of the hopper, measured by the two new hopper level sensors. To further improve operator convenience on large tractors, it is possible to assemble the new category 3 / 4 mounting frame on the spreader to easily hitch the spreader to fixed category 4 linkage arms, which are often used on such tractors.

IsoMatch FarmCentre for Maximum Overview

IsoMatch FarmCentre is the telematics solution from Kverneland supporting data exchange between “field” and “farm”. Besides real time tracking of fleet movements and analysing machine data, the precision farming benefit lies in remotely managing tasks like application maps for a fertiliser spreader. For example a farm manager or crop advisor can send a variable rate task via the FarmCentre web application to the terminal in the tractor, where the operator can then simply start the task directly in the field. Once the work is done that same task can be sent back to the web application for documentation or reporting purposes, giving complete control and overview of the business. Additionally if the spreader should encounter an error or breakdown an alert will be sent directly to the FarmCentre web application, so quick action can be taken remotely.   

Source: Kverneland Group