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Working underfloor with the RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 570 HF, thanks to the unique Highflex basket construction

Our customer AP Lift from Spain has worked with his RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 570 HF during restoration and refurbishment works on a bridge in Galicia, Spain. The most exciting part of the job was working under the floor.


The company AP Lift, specialist in the rental of work platforms, is based in Pontevedra (Galicia) and employs more than 20 people.

Alberto Piñeiro, CEO of AP Lift, explains: "We have been working with RUTHMANN truck mounted platforms for a long time and for us they are synonymous with trust and safety. The STEIGER® Highflex models give us an excellent performance, as they are ideal for tasks under bridges, as you can see in the photos. When you work on bridges in negative, you need equipment that is very safe, reliable and above all fast. We are very satisfied with our model STEIGER® T 570 HF".

In order to check the bridge and estimate the amount of work required, the T 570 HF was placed on the bridge, stabilized and deployed with very smooth movements. Without having to constantly change the position of the working platform, the work was carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to the maximum Highflex basket rotation angle of 440°, a large working depth can be achieved. With the RÜSSEL® in lowered position, operations under the bridge can be carried out safely and with maximum efficiency. With its special technical features, the T 570 HF maximizes manoeuvrability on the construction site. It reaches a height of 57 m and a reach of 41 m.

Alberto Piñeiro continues to talk about the T 570 HF: "The T 570 HF works excellently. We are a company that lives from our customers, and thanks to machines like this one, they are impressed by the versatility and performance of RUTHMANN STEIGER® models. The selection of STEIGER® aerial work platforms in my rental fleet has grown steadily over the last few years".

AP Lift has been a loyal RUTHMANN customer for years and relies on HEIGHTperformance highflex technology. In addition to the T 570 HF, AP Lift has the RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 750 HF - with a working height of 75 metres and a side reach of 41 metres, the RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 630 with a working height of 63 metres, the RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 510 HF with its world-class performance data (51 m working height on a 2-axle chassis) as well as two other STEIGER® models in his portfolio.

"Our company is known throughout Spain," he continues, "We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the large equipment category. Our success depends on reliable business partners such as RUTHMANN and AMCO, who provide us with innovative, high-performance machines and a responsive technical service".

We would like to thank AMCO for their reliability as a sales and service partner and are looking forward to the further good cooperation. As a dealer in Spain, AMCO offers RUTHMANN not only the marketing of working platforms but also a technical service close to the product. The specialists look after end users and rental companies worldwide and offer their customers a wide range of services thanks to many years of experience.

Source: RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG

Ruthmann T 570 HF on LECTURA Specs