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How to prepare a good seedbed? Right bedded your seeds are having a commanding lead

The plant always has to be provided in the proper amount with water, air, nutrients and heat. Before sowing the soil should be leveled, crumbled, mixed and reconsolidated with the right technology.


The end of one harvest is the beginning of the next harvest

Depending on the farming system, the soil and weather conditions and the crop rotation the demands and objectives can be different in detail.

Perfect weeding and hoeing technology

On this years‘ Agritechnica, this is world’s leading trade fair in agricultural technology in Hanover, Einböck proves with four innovations its expertise in mechanical weeding control and in grassland care.

10 years successful in the world with TWISTER

The reliable short disc harrow celebrates its 10th anniversary! Effective operation on small or large areas - the TWISTER has been swirled for a decade at seedbed preparation ...

ROTARYSTAR – the new rotary hoe from Einböck

High productivity, versatility and perfect soil adaptation are the keywords for the new ROTARYSTAR of Einböck.

Successful in grassland with PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO 1200

Determined grassland care and aftersowing enhance quality of basic ration many times over – now incredible effective with 12 meters working width which first can be viewed at Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover.

The end of one harvest is the beginning of the next harvest

After the combine harvester it is time for cultivator and co. – systematic stubble cultivation increases the quality of the next harvest.

Einböck PNEUMATICSTAR underseeding

Nurse crops show a lot of advantages although in respect of competitive pressure and seeding technology they can be rather tricky. With the EINBÖCK PNEUMATICSTAR we developed ...

Stubble cultivation: Saving costs by reduced soil treatment

Also and especially the right use of short disc harrows and cultivators saves ready cash and conserves the soil structure. TWISTER, HURRICANE, MULTISOILER and TAIFUN are reliable partners, if the point is producing at reduced costs.

Stubble cultivation with Einböck

Purpose of stubble cultivation is fast mixing in of crop shortfall, combating weeds and working in of seeds which should be improved to germination.