Faymonville NEWS


Flexibility means cost-savings for everyday haulage

The CombiMAX from Faymonville functions on a modular basis. The customer selects precisely the elements needed for the haulage task in hand.


Leading transport companies acquired this brand-new product

Just a few weeks after the market launch of the new HighwayMAX in North America, the first conclusion is really impressive.

Hertoghs Carrosserieën from now on new Faymonville importer

Since 2013, Hertoghs Carrosserieën is a distritbuter of Faymonville’s subsidiary MAX Trailer, a cooperation that is very positive.

Twin-axle low bed semi-trailer from Faymonville extends vehicle fleet

Dynamics and flexibility are two of the important cornerstones in the corporate philosophy of Christian and Myriam de Meuron.

New high performance multi-axle trailer for North America

Faymonville proudly announces a new trailer concept, the “HighwayMAX”, an extendible on-road heavy haul trailer with 9 hydraulically steered pendulum axles and a technical payload of 260,000 lbs.