Junkkari NEWS


Junkkari in Myanmar

In February Junkkari's Sales and Development Manager Juha Sippola visited Myanmar with Finnish Foreign Trade and Development Minister Kai Mykkänen's Business Delegation.


Greetings from Japan

Toni Ruokoja and proud owner of the first S400Plus, Mr Yamaoka with his son and grandchildren.

Visit of the Italian Traffic Ministry

Two representatives of the Ministry of Traffic in Italy visited Junkkari end January. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the operation of Junkkari company...

Business seminar in Mozambique

Finnish Embassy in Mozambique organized a business seminar in Mozambique last December. The seminar was meant to Finnish companies and...

News from Italy

Junkkari was strongly present in Fieragricola exhibition of Verona in beginning of February. We were showing wide range of products with D300 drill, chippers and forest combination.

Junkkari D-series

This heavy-duty big brother is mainly designed for direct seeding done even in the hardest of conditions. Nevertheless, the coulter is designed for handling lighter and cultivated fields as well.

Junkkari M-series

M-series offers a versatile machine which suits for different needs and conditions. The coulter is a robust wedge shaped disc coulter with maximum pressure of 140 kg.

Junkkari S-series

New S-series follows the popular Simulta T- and ST-models. Traditional wedge shaped disc coulter has been updated to a new level, and S-series is mainly designed for traditionally cultivated soils.

Last ones in production – new drills occupying the assembly line

In beginning of 1990´s Junkkari started producing Simulta T models. Wheels were no longer in the side of the machines, they were moved to backside to work not only as transport wheels but also as a packer wheels. In 1998 was produced first series of Simulta ST which was immediately big hit because of huge hoppers with adjustable partition wall and tarpaulin cover.