Manitou NEWS

Manitou announces the acquisition of Terex Equipment Private Limited in India

The Manitou group, world leader in all terrain material handling, announces the signature of the acquisition of Terex Equipment Private Limited (TEPL) based in Greater Noïda, India. This acquisition, from Terex Corporation, will be finalized over 2017 first semester.


Manitou Group recognized at the “Grands Prix de l’Export” awards ceremony

Manitou Group, global market leader in all-terrain handling equipment, has been awarded the “Pépite à l’Export” prize at the “Grands Prix de l’Export” awards ceremony organized by BFM Business.


The second-hand machine website is moving up a gear

The world leader in all-terrain handling, the Manitou group is rolling out a new version of its website. A marketplace for used handling machines, the website has a new layout...


Manitou Group gives a fresh start to its warehousing product line by announcing the creation of a dedicated subsidiary, LMH Solutions SAS

Manitou BF announced that, as of today, a subsidiary dedicated to its warehousing business has been created, LMH Solutions SAS.

Manitou introduces the new MI industrial forklift trucks medium and heavy tonnages

Manitou is supplementing its range of industrial forklift trucks with 6 medium-tonnage and 8 heavy tonnage units.

Manitou Group, the world-leader in all-terrain material-handling, is an actor of the industrial market

Material Handling is the heart of Manitou Group’s business and a field to which we are truly committed as regards all our stakeholders.

Celebrating the 500,000th Manitou in Sydney

Manitou is celebrating a most signifiant milestone with half million machines produced and sold in the world. A party took place in Sydney @ NTP Forklift Australia, ...

Manitou: Announcement of the execution of a €25,000,000 new bond issue

Manitou today finalized a €25,000,000 new private bond issue.


Manitou: handling the snow in Australia

« Winter is coming! » as would certainly say Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones TV Show. Well, indeed while Manitou headquarters in France is enduring a severe heatwave, Australian East coast is facing the wrath of the Austral Winter.

Manitou’s Precise Handling the advantage for Wildgoose Storage

A Manitou MLT629T is the perfect answer for Wildgoose Storage, as precision and smoothness is the ‘order of the day’ when it comes to handling the palletised eggs and other produce which have to be offloaded ...