Poclain announces the appointment of Guillaume Bataille to the role of Chief Operating Officer

The Board of Directors, which met on 16 July 2015 under the chairmanship of Laurent Bataille, appointed Guillaume Bataille to the role of Chief Operating Officer at the POCLAIN group.


The POCLAIN group announces the acquisition of the GRANDRY TECHNOLOGIES company

This upstream integration of a castings company is the result of a long term strategic approach from POCLAIN. This acquisition will foster productive synergies, increasing the added value beneficial to the customers of both companies.


Poclain Véhicules presents a Peugeot boxer fitted with the AddiDrive™ system

Originally developed by Poclain Hydraulics, the AddiDrive™ system is an additional hydrostatic transmission that enables trucks/lorries to have better mobility under difficult driving conditions such as mud, snow and sand.

SD CT 200/300 to complete HIGH PERFORMANCE offer

Machine operating safety is now one of the issues that any manufacturer must integrate from the machine design stage. Electronic control integration allows to increase the added value of machines with regard to productivity, energy efficiency and comfort.

The PWe: Plug&Drive™ by Poclain Hydraulics

The PWe is designed to meet all customers’ requirements, point by point. The on-board electronic control unit gives them access to a high level of safety for their control systems.

The new heavy duty pump PW & PWe by Poclain Hydraulics

Used in hydrostatic transmission systems composed of motors, valves, and electronic controls, the PW & PWe range offers to customers the benefit of over 50 years of expertise gained by Poclain Hydraulics in the field of hydrostatic transmissions.

The high performance range

Poclain Hydraulics combines its components within their hydrostatic transmission systems. Its combined expertise in hydraulics, electronics and mechanics, along with its understanding of customers’ applications, enables it to design, manufacture and offer high added value solutions that meet present and future market expectations.

AddiDrive™, on demand awd for trucks

The AddiDrive™ system is an additional hydrostatic transmission that offers to trucks and trailers better mobility in difficult driving conditions such as mud, snow, sand, slopes...

The CleanStart™ system - optimize the lifespan of your machines

Over the course of a working day, a machine is faced with several waiting periods. The practice of drivers is to leave their diesel engines running so that activity may be promptly resumed, resulting in unnecessary fuel consumption.

Medium duty range

To answer to the request of a market increasingly diverse and demanding, Poclain Hydraulics offers since last year this new pump optimized for performance and usage convenience that will easily fit into all machine environments.