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A new lift robot in the Konecranes Agilon® materials management system speeds up warehouse processes

Konecranes has developed a new lift robot for its automated Agilon materials management system. This innovation enables faster transfer of items stored in the system as the robot now moves diagonally in addition to moving vertically and horizontally. Thanks to this new feature, it is possible to increase the size of the warehouse, reduce item retrieval time and increase the efficiency of customer processes. Most of the existing Agilon systems can be updated with the new lift robot. Konecranes Agilon has improved daily warehouse management operations in more than a hundred locations. The system monitors the availability of tools, parts and components online, optimises internal logistics, enables an increasing number of transactions, as well as increases both the transparency and storage space in workshops, production plants and maintenance warehouses. Additionally, Agilon is used as a pick-up point both inside and outside of retail stores and as intelligent parcel kiosks in public places to replace traditional parcel terminals. For more info, visit: MORE ABOUT KONECRANES, VISIT: WEB: SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: #KonecranesAgilon #Agilon #Intelligentwarehousing #intelligentparcel Read full article