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Channel name: Ahlers Solutions Beyond Logistics

Ahlers' warehouse services at its own logistics complex located in the Leningrad Region.

Founded in 1909 in the Port of Antwerp, Ahlers currently employs over 650 members of staff and operates in 3 regions (Europe, CIS, Asia) helping customers to drive future growth in complex markets, Ahlers is a family-owned company, 3rd generation Ahlers-Leysen, headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, supported by a worldwide partner network and offices in key locations. Ahlers has been helping clients with one common goal; finding the best solutions that fit our customers’ profile perfectly. We enable our customers to stay focused on their core business by creating and managing innovative solutions that add value and solve their supply chain challenges in a complex environment. We provide state-of-the-art logistics support in sustainable supply chain management, warehousing, projects, and machinery logistics, secured transport, trade logistics, after-sales services, and data analytics. Read full article