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A “Breath of Fresh Air” for the Recycling Industry from manufacturers EDGE Innovate

EDGE Innovate will launch its’ newest member of the family at the upcoming IFAT 2016. The new MC1400 will be added to EDGE’s Material Classifier Series of products. Bringing new concepts and innovations to the marketplace is central to the ethos of EDGE Innovate. With an aggressive product development programme set in place, EDGE Innovate has consistently provided new and creative solutions to the recycling industry.


The new EDGE MC1400 provides operators the ability to extract impurities from highly contaminated material in just one pass. Utilizing controlled air as a separation medium, the MC1400 is the ideal solution for the cleaning of compost and biomass fractions with its ability to separate heavy and mid-weight fractions from lights. The MC1400 allows operators to separate commodities into four different fractions as standard; lights (plastic, paper, film) mid-weight (wood) and heavy fractions (aggregate, glass, etc.). Ferrous metal is extracted via the overband magnet found on the heavy fraction discharge conveyor with the option of attaching an additional magnet to the mid-weight conveyor. With an increase feed in size of up to 400mm (16”), the MC1400 is not only ideal for organic recycling and biomass fraction but also construction and demolition waste.

The Separation Process

Material is loaded onto the MC1400’s extremely wide, variable speed feed conveyor which provides an even spread of material for efficient separation. Material is transferred into the enclosed separation chamber where our innovative system of upward and suction blowers separates the material into four final products. With easily adjustable components allowing the operator to quickly change air speed, air flow rate, feed conveyor belt speed and drum positioning, the MC1400 has the capacity to handle a wide range of applications. The discharge conveyors allow for the extracted materials to be fed directly into containers below.

Unit Options

Available as track, semi-trailer or static chassis formats, the MC1400 can be powered via a diesel/hydraulic powerunit, diesel genset or direct electric. The MC1400 offers easy and low cost transport with its ability to be shipped via a 40ft container with minimal break down required. Simply track in and track out with limited set-up time required.