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Founded in 1961 by Reinhard Wirtgen, the WIRTGEN company has become a key player in the construction and roadbuilding industry over the past 60 years. Today, WIRTGEN GmbH's portfolio includes products for cold milling, soil stabilization, hot and cold recycling, concrete paving and surface mining sectors.

Furthermore, the company also develops industrial technologies for cutting, levelling, control and mixing applications. WIRTGEN GmbH currently employs over 2,000 people and manufactures around 90 machine types. In addition, the company operates 470,000 m² of production space.

The Wirtgen Group is an internationally operating group of companies in the construction machinery sector incorporating the traditional product brands: Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven. As technological leader, the Wirtgen Group offers its customers mobile machine solutions for road construction and road rehabilitation, plants for mining and processing minerals or recycling material and for the production of asphalt. In 2017, the Wirtgen Group became part of John Deere's Construction and Forestry division.

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Product portfolio

Cold milling machines by WIRTGEN

Cold milling machines

Image source: Wirtgen Group

WIRTGEN’s cold milling machine product portfolio ranges from 35 cm (the W 35 Ri model) up to 4.40 m (the W 250 Fi) of milling width and up to 35 cm of milling depth. Small, compact and large cold milling machines by WIRTGEN are designed to execute various tasks such as concrete and asphalt removal or levelling road surfaces. Smaller models are suitable for work in city centres and restricted areas, while the larger machines are useful at airport runways or highways. The German manufacturer currently offers around 15 models in the cold milling machinery segment.

Recyclers and soil stabilisers by WIRTGEN

Recyclers/Soil stabilisers

Image source: Wirtgen Group

On-site preparation of the asphalt surface is a job for the cold recycler. They are ideal for repaving the soil by granulating the existing pavement and adding a binding compound. Soil stabilisers are capable of transforming less stable soil into a high-quality material. This is achieved by mixing binders into the existing unstable soil. WIRTGEN’s product portfolio includes the WS 250 tractor-towed stabiliser, the WR series of compact recyclers with maximum working width of 2,400 mm and 560 mm of working depth, the CR series of cold recyclers and the robust KMA 240i mobile cold recycling mixing plant.

Binding agent spreaders Streumaster by WIRTGEN

Binding agent spreaders

Image source: Wirtgen Group

WIRTGEN offers a wide range of Streumaster binding agent spreaders. The individual models are designed as mounted, towed or truck mounted. Compact tractor-mounted units such as the SW 3 FC are suitable for restricted spaces and small sites. Towed trailer spreaders of the TA and TC series offer increased performance compared to mounted units with larger hopper volumes. Nevertheless, the best-performing models are the MC series truck mounted binding agent spreaders that are designed to match various carrier vehicles. The largest model, SW 422 MC has a container capacity of 22 m³ and offers a working width of 2,360 mm.

Slipform pavers by WIRTGEN

Slipform pavers

Image source: Wirtgen Group

The German manufacturer currently lists offset slipform pavers, inset slipform pavers as well as texture curing machines. The SP series of offset slipform pavers offers ability to produce monolithic concrete profiles usable as walls, gutters or paths. On the other hand, inset slipform pavers place concrete directly in front of the machine and distribute it evenly. As the machine advances, the concrete is compacted by vibrators in the required thickness and width. WIRTGEN also offers TCM series of texture curing machines that give the concrete pavement the requested surface texture.

Surface Miners and Cross Application Miners by WIRTGEN

Surface Miners and Cross Application Miners

Image source: Wirtgen Group

Surface miners are robust machines designed to work in harsh conditions of open-pit mines. They are capable of extracting valuable materials such as coal, rock salt, gypsum or limestone. The SMi series of WIRTGEN surface miners ranges from smaller models such as the 220 SMi to the giant 4200 SMi model with cutting width of 4,200 m, cutting depth of 830 mm and operating weight of 204 tonnes. Cross application miners are more versatile and suitable for e.g. lowering tunnel floors, construction of harbours or cutting roads and rails. WIRTGEN 260 SXi surface miner weighs over 100 tonnes and offers cutting width of 2,750 mm.



Reinhard-Wirtgen-Str. 2
53578 Windhagen

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The first hot milling machine by WIRTGEN

1970: Birth of the hot milling machine
Image source: Wirtgen Group

WIRTGEN switches to cold milling

1980: WIRTGEN introduces the 2600 C, the first track-mounted large cold milling machine
Image source: Wirtgen Group

WIRTGEN starts sufrace mining

1980: Surface mining: taking the road into the mine.
Image source: Wirtgen Group

toolholder systems for milling drums by WIRTGEN

1990: Introduction of toolholder systems for milling drums, allowing worn upper parts of the toolholder to be replaced directly on site.
Image source: Wirtgen Group

New generation of milling machines by WIRTGEN

2010: WIRTGEN’s new generation of large milling machines.
Image source: Wirtgen Group

new generation of cold recyclers and soil stabilisers by WIRTGEN

2013: WIRTGEN launches a new generation of cold recyclers and soil stabilisers.
Image source: Wirtgen Group

John Deere aquires Wirtgen

2017: the Wirtgen Group becomes part of John Deere
Image source: Wirtgen Group