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“A crane ballet”: Six Terex tower cranes choreographed to perfection in Belgium

“A crane ballet”: Six Terex® tower cranes choreographed to perfection at Belgian work site

On behalf of construction company Interbuild N.V., Dutch crane rental company Stravers Torenkranen B.V. used six Terex flat top tower cranes at a work site in the Belgian town of Turnhout in order to erect multiple apartment buildings and a museum in the Turnova district. The Terex crane squad consisted of two CTT 332-16 units and four CTT 231-10 units, of which the tallest was set up with a free-standing height of 92 meters.


“There were two reasons why we decided to only use Terex cranes for this work site: Firstly, they had the required lifting capacities. Secondly, it was remarkably easy to position them in an overlapping arrangement on the available space,” explains Owner and General Manager Berry Stravers. Moreover, it was not particularly difficult for the company to “recruit” suitable Terex tower cranes for the project – after all, of the total of 130 cranes that make up the Stravers fleet, 120 are Terex tower cranes.

Continuous operation for one and a half years

The Stravers location in the Dutch town of Veghel used 72 trucks to bring the six chosen cranes to Turnhout, where erecting them took a four-person team a full day each. The cranes will remain there for about a year and a half and will be used to lift prefab components, other building materials, and an endless amount of concrete buckets. “Our cranes will be operating continuously, as there’s no concrete pump at the work site. This means that they need to do their job with perfect reliability – and that’s exactly what they’ll do,” Berry Stravers knows from experience. And this is why he is not particularly worried about the extremely ambitious schedule at the site – especially since he knows, as a longtime Terex Cranes partner, that he can depend on the manufacturer’s support at any time in the unlikely event that it is needed. He adds: “We trust in Terex Cranes because it’s been a reliable partner for the last 15 years. They have a good stock of spare parts, a quick delivery of spare parts and the products they make are of good quality”.

Source: Terex Cranes

Terex Comedil (Zeppelin) CTT 231-10 on LECTURA Specs