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A great succes at Intermat

At one week from the closing of the Intermat fair in Paris, we can definitely say that we are proud of the result accomplished with this manifestation. The lively atmosphere of the fair was the perfect background to formally introduce on the market our rotating telehandler RTH 5.35 which, already lunched on the market end last year, made its formal debut on this international stage. The response from the customers has been successfully positive and the machine has been welcomed with genuine interest and curiosity.
Also for our HTH 35.12, a fixed boom machine with 35t maximum lifting capacity, the public was fairly confident and appreciate with curiosity the special clamp for tyres which was fitted on the machine during the fair.

We also introduce some special attachments that can be fitted on our machine; in particular a special basket, developed and produced by Magni TH, that can increase the working height of 12m; a special drilling instrument created and developed by Correct Maskin, our Norwegian dealer, used for the perforation of walls of rocks and a special rotating fork developed by Romastor that can go through 360° with a lifting capacity of 2.500kg.
We can surely hold ourselves glad of the results obtained during this fair both in terms of affluence for the interest and curiosity aroused in all our visitors.