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Bauma 2019 Media Dialog

Since Intermat last April, KOHLER-SDMO has been increasing communication and awareness about Stage V, both internally and externally.


We must ensure that we fully understand these standards in order to be able to inform and raise maximum awareness about the issue among our customers, for whom we play a decisive role as expert advisor.

What is the Stage V regulation (2016/1628 EU Regulation)?

Stage V regulation, as a continuation of Stage III A, has for aim to reduce pollutant emissions of all non road mobile motorized equipment in the European Union market, including mobile generating sets.

Therefore, all engines with no power limit designed for a European Union use and manufactured as from 01/01/2019 will need to be certified Stage V except for powers between 56-130kW which deadline is 01/01/2020.  

RoHS2 directive

Please note as from 23/07/2019 each Stage V or Stage III A generating Set will need to be also RoHS 2 compliant.

The purpose of the RoHS2 directive is to reduce the use of certain dangerous substances of electric or electronic materials on the European market.  

As from 23/07/2019, the RoHS2 directive will be mandatory.

The generating sets concerned with the RoHS 2 directive are:

All mobile generating sets (Portable gensets included) for the European Union market.

Stationary generating sets with a power below ≤ 375 kWe for the European Union market.

Reminder :

As from 01/01/2021 all mobile generating sets sold in Europe will need to be Stage V compliant, except for powers between 56-130kW which deadline is 01/01/2022.

Before these dates you will still have the possibility to buy Stage III A or not certified if engine power < 18 kW or > 560 kW generating sets fitted with engines manufactured before 31/12/2018 (or before 31/12/2019 for powers between 56-130 kW)

As from 23/07/2019, all mobile not certified (if engine power < 18 kW or > 560 kW), Stage III A or Stage V generating sets (or stationary below ≤ 375 kW) sold in Europe will need to be RoHS 2 compliant.

KOHLER-SDMO products

KOHLER-SDMO will present on its 2 stands a large panel of its expertise.

Inside stand: Hall A4, stand 125

Portable Power generating sets in stage V : DIESEL 6000 E SILENCE, DIESEL 10 000 E SILENCE, PERFORM 4500, TECHNIC 15 000 TE

Rental Compact generating sets : R50C5 and a R110C3

Outside stand : Yard 34A, stand 10

Contenergy generating set: a R1500 in a container 20’

Lighting tower generating set : a RL10 equipped with LED

Within our range of low-power construction site generating sets (between 2 and 20 kw), we have been well prepared to supply products equipped with Stage V engines for several months now.

On Bauma 2019, you will be able to detail, on our stand 125, Hall A4, two silent canopies in 6 & 10 Kw of our Portable Power range (above picture). Moreover, we will exhibit a 1.5 & 4.5 Kw genset equipped with central lifting eye and trolley kit, an essential option on construction sites.

Focus on our new option: Communicating system

KOHLER-SDMO introduces on its Portable Power range (2-20Kw) a new patented technology function of assistance to the use.

This option will keep genset users informed of upcoming maintenance and service operations via their smartphone.

This will ensure our customers a longer service life of their genset and allow them to provide preventive maintenance against possible breakdowns.

For the neophytes, this option, through its advice, will help them start taking control of their generator.

This communicating system will be available as an option on our small powers (Perform / Perform XL / Intens / Weldarc) as of September2019.

For our more powerful generators (Diesel / Technic), the deployment will be in series from January 2020.

For the Rental Compact range (22 to 550 kVA), KOHLER-SDMO will present a first 50 KVA model at the Bauma exhibition and will be in a position from September 2019 to offer the market power levels of 20, 50 and 330 kVA. The power levels to follow will comply with the schedule imposed under the new Stage V standard directive end of 2020 for 60, 110, 165, 220, 550 & 700 kVA.

Pragmatism, ingenuity and industrial capacity constitute the fundamentals of the Rental Compact range. These 3 pillars guarantee a product design combining compactness, robustness, resistance, modularity, ease of handling and performance; values that are obviously essential in the construction and rental markets.

It is also very important to specify that, throughout the transition period, KOHLER-SDMO will continue to deliver the full Rental Compact range that complies with Stage III.

Come to see on our stand 125, hall 4 the flagship product of the Rental Compact range, the R110C3.

Regarding containerised generating sets, ideal solutions for construction sites, within the Rental Power range KOHLER-SDMO offers power levels of between 800 and 1500 kVA stand-by in 20’ dry containers. Exploiting its experience in the industrial range, KOHLER-SDMO has decided to equip this range with new KOHLER engines, co-developed with Liebherr. An enhanced engine power density enables the company to offer generating sets to the construction and rental markets which are even more compact (20’ dry container), fully suited to market demands with low fuel consumption and especially low emission levels.

KOHLER-SDMO realize a real technical feat, manufacturing a 1500Kva generating in a 20’ dry container with demanding rental specifications in terms of capacity, cooling, maintenance, ergonomics and versatility of use.

KOHLER-SDMO provide lighting tower for several Europe or non-Europe applications. The products can be equipped with LED or metal iodide as needed the customer.

Through its energy efficiency, the latest model of KOHLER-SDMO lighting tower, the RL10 LED available in Stage V, offers exceptional stand-alone power duration (197 hours), yet without reducing its effectiveness.

Its compactness (8 x towers on a lorry bed), its safety and ease of use make it a valuable tool for a wide variety of construction sites.

A further detail: the flexibility of the RL10 lighting tower, which can also operate off the mains.

Kohler-SDMO, the best energy solutions on the market

From offshore drilling platforms to extreme desert conditions, from building sites to the most demanding industries, KOHLER-SDMO generating sets are proving their reliability and performance. They have made the company one of the top global manufacturers, consolidating its leadership every day through the structure of an international group.

Focusing exclusively on generating sets, KOHLER-SDMO now offers the widest range on the market. The local service provided by its distribution network means it can supply power to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

In addition to its role as an industrial manufacturer of generating sets, KOHLER-SDMO is now positioning itself as a serious energy supplier.

National coverage, international presence. Think global, act local

In order for KOHLER-SDMO to continue to grow and meet the needs of new markets, it relies on:

  • 8 sales offices and

  • 3 regional divisions in France

And internationally:

  • a distribution network present in over 150 countries

  • 6 subsidiaries

  • 8 offices

The responsiveness of the company is also based on its development of 6 storage platforms which, in co-operation with the subsidiaries, constitute an efficient commercial network.

In addition, KOHLER and SDMO facilities - now operating as KOHLER-SDMO – are working productively in tandem to offer you an even better service.


Source: Kohler Co.