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BMC is back with its Brand New Truck Family TUĞRA

Turkey's one of the largest manufacturer of commercial and military vehicles, BMC is back on the roads with a brand new truck family TUĞRA. The long-awaited TUĞRA was unveiled on the world stage for the first time at the IAA Commercial


Presenting a huge background since 1964 as Turkey's one of the largest manufacturer of commercial and military vehicles; BMC set the stage for a brand new truck family thanks to the intensive R&D, engineering and manufacturing processes carried out within four years. The company’s underlying history includes more than 50 years of intensive work in the aim of establishing always the best for Turkey. As a result of all these efforts, BMC is back on the roads with the Brand New Truck Family TUĞRA.

TUĞRA, via its brand new and strategic design, comes with what is expected from a truck. Either on the construction site or on the road, TUĞRA provides low fuel consumption with maximum engine power at every load with its efficient engine-gearbox integration and lightened chassis structure. As hard-working performance test achiever continuing its way without any problem for years in life-time; BMC TUĞRA offers a wallet-friendly solution for its users together with cost- effective spare parts, optimized maintenance intervals and low operation cost in the overall.

Brand New Modern Design Truck Family from Turkey's BMC

At his statement declared in the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 gathering the industry leaders worldwide; Mr. Taha Yasin Öztürk, Member of the BMC Board of Management, introduced TUĞRA and said: The meaning of Tuğra refers to “The Seal of the Emperor” in Oghuz language and “The seal of the Sultan” in the Ottomans. For us; TUĞRA is BMC's new signature on the roads. As a result of our rigorous R&D activities, BMC TUĞRA is the representative of a modern urban identity. At the same time, having combined our design expertise for over half a century and the technology in our DNA, we brought a new dimension to the world of commercial vehicles. With its ergonomic design, TUĞRA promises a warm living space and comfortable driving, especially on the long distance journeys. With its contemporary console design, full TFT display, Bluetooth and navigation features in 7 inch multimedia, large-volume in-cab storage areas, multifunctional driver's seat, refrigerator, beds, multifunctional steering wheel and custom designed interior lighting; BMC TUĞRA, is on duty for day and night. We are so honored to introduce BMC TUĞRA.”

Source: BMC