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Bobcat Displays Extensive Material Handling Lineup at LogiMAT

Bobcat Electric Forklift B25NS
Bobcat Europe
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Bobcat Electric Forklift B25NS


  • Bobcat unveils its fully rebranded material handling product lineup at LogiMAT 2024, featuring forklift trucks and warehouse equipment under the integration of Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV).

  • From January 1st, 2024, all Bobcat material handling equipment will be produced in the brand's signature white and orange colors, marking a significant step in the global rebranding effort.

  • CEO Scott Park emphasizes the expansion of Bobcat's product portfolio as a commitment to innovation and excellence, aiming to meet the diverse needs of both loyal and new customers.

  • The LogiMAT 2024 exhibition will showcase Bobcat's range of diesel and electric forklifts, reach trucks, and warehouse equipment, including the TL25.60 super compact telehandler designed for high performance in tight spaces.

  • Highlighted models at LogiMAT include diesel forklifts D160S-9 and D50SC-9, electric forklifts B25NS and B80NS, BR16J-9 reach truck, and various warehouse equipment such as the BPL18S-7 pedestrian pallet truck and BDR13S-7 double stacker.

  • Bobcat's comprehensive material handling range caters to the logistics and material handling market with diesel, LPG, and electric forklift trucks offering lifting capacities from 1.2 to 16 tons, alongside warehouse solutions like pallet trucks, stackers, and reach trucks.

Company shows fully rebranded portfolio for the first time


LogiMAT 2024 will see the first showcasing of an extensive lineup of material handling products from Bobcat. The global rebranding and integration of Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV) under the Bobcat brand with its range of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, will provide even more solutions to help Bobcat customers to accomplish more. From 1st January 2024, all of the company’s material handling equipment has been produced in the signature Bobcat colours – white and orange.

The Bobcat brand is world famous for an extensive range of compact machines, which are used in construction, the agricultural sector, landscaping, demolition and many other industries. Bobcat loaders and telehandlers, which can be equipped with attachments such as pallet forks, buckets, grabs, bale clamps or dump hoppers, are often used for material handling and logistics tasks. So the addition of a complete range of IC and electric forklift trucks and warehouse equipment is a natural extension to the Bobcat range.

“Through our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, we have significantly broadened our product portfolio to not only meet the needs of our loyal customers but also to inspire and empower new customers to conquer their toughest challenges,” said Scott Park, CEO and Vice Chairman of Doosan Bobcat. “With an expanded range of solutions, we´re empowering even more customers to accomplish more.”

Bobcat Material Handling Products at LogiMAT

At LogiMAT 2024, the Bobcat product display will include diesel and electric forklifts, reach trucks and warehouse equipment such as pallet trucks and stackers. The display will also include Bobcat´s TL25.60 super compact telehandler, which allows work in tight spots without compromising performance, thanks to the machine’s compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability.

Bobcat Telehandler TL25.60<br>IMAGE SOURCE: DOOSAN BOBCAT EMEA

The Bobcat material handling products on the stand at LogiMAT include:

Diesel forklifts:

  • D160S-9

  • D50SC-9

Bobcat Diesel Forklift D160S-9<br>IMAGE SOURCE: DOOSAN BOBCAT EMEA

Electric forklifts:

  • B25NS

  • B20X-7 Plus

  • B80NS

Bobcat Electric Forklift B25NS<br>IMAGE SOURCE: DOOSAN BOBCAT EMEA

Reach truck:

  • BR16J-9

Warehouse equipment:

  • BPL18S-7 pedestrian pallet truck

  • BPR20S-7 ride-on pallet truck

  • BDR13S-7 double stacker

  • LSM12N-7 pallet stacker

Bobcat Ride-on Pallet Truck BPR20S-7<br>IMAGE SOURCE: DOOSAN BOBCAT EMEA

These models are representative of products from the comprehensive Bobcat range for the logistics and material handling market, which include various lines: a series of diesel forklift trucks with lifting capacities from 2 to 16 ton; a series of LPG forklift trucks with lifting capacities from 2 to 7 ton and a series of electric forklift trucks with lifting capacities from 1.2 to 10 ton. The latter segment also includes a line of electric forklifts with three wheels for light work from 1.2 to 2 ton. As mentioned above, the warehouse solutions include pallet trucks, stackers and reach trucks.