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Boels invests in Power Towers

Power Towers Ltd., a JLG company and a leading global manufacturer of low level access, announced it has closed an important supply agreement with Boels Rental.


Boels Rental is significantly expanding its low level access offering with a Power Towers line of innovative products that will change the way work is done on construction fit-out. These new solutions will create a safer working environment while improving operator productivity.

“Great to see Power Towers growing on the continent and a partner like Boels committing to low level access and driving method change supported by the Power Towers team. The first large order is going through the new factory at 100% capacity”, says Jonathan Dawson, Managing Director at Power Towers Ltd.. “We are very pleased to see their confidence in low level access, identifying our products as a growth area during these challenging times.”

Boels Rental invested in the Peco and Ecolift - manually powered products with 3.5m and 4.2m working heights, the Nano SP - a self propelled model with a 4.5m working height and a 50cm. platform extension for up and over work, along with a number of Power Tower push around lifts with powered elevation, allowing the worker to reach 5.1m.

Boels’ sales manager Netherlands, René Sanders, comments, “Safety and efficiency in construction fit-out play an increasingly important role. More customers talk to us about the restricted use of ladders and seek alternatives that reduce safety risks and improve productivity on site.”

“With the addition of the Power Towers product to our fleet, we can fulfil the need from our customers to invest in safety and efficiency”, says Ton Brockbernd, Purchasing Manager at Boels Rental. “Work needs to be completed safely and efficiently and these products fill the gap when our customers seek   alternative solutions to traditional methods.”