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CASE Compactor Best B‎et for Road Construction

CASE 1107EX soil compactor
CASE Construction Equipment Asia, Europe
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CASE 1107EX soil compactor

Compactor is the prime equipment used in the Road construction. CASE India as an active pl‎ayer in the CE industry deploys its best in class offerings when it comes to roads and highways construction. It has consistently remained a market lea‎der in the Vibratory Compactor segment and the only company to have sold over almost 13,000 units in India.

Keeping in mind versatility as a key feature CASE India offers 752EX (9T Class) Vibratory Tandem Compactor and 450DX Mini Tandem Compactor (3T Class). In soil compactors, CASE India has 1107EX (11 T class-Powered by FPT Engine developing 100HP) available in three variants - Standard, Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum and recently launched 1110 EX- D Soil Compactor (12T Class – Powered by FPT engine developing 110HP) is available in two variants -Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum, equipped with HVAC c‎abin catering to operator’s comfort and safety.

CASE 752EX is equipped with a fuel-efficient 3.9-liter 4-cylinder engine, a mechanical injection system and internal exhaust gas recirculation delivering 76 HP at 2200 rpm and torque of 332 Nm at 1300 rpm. This new-generation engine is developed by CNH Industrial subsidiary FPT Industrial - the world-leading manufacturer of engines. The 752EX’s operator compartment features a rotating operator seat and tilt-able steering which gives excellent front and rear drum/nozzle visibility, making the drive and compaction process easier and safer. The look of the machine is enhanced by a foldable canopy for ease of transportation, new fuel and water tanks and an all-new sophisticated instrument cluster.

CASE 450DX specialized for small j‎ob work, is another market lea‎der in Mini Tandem Compactor segment in India. With 1,500-plus machine population 450DX is perfect for shoulder compaction, service roads and basement compaction with compact design.

450DX Mini Tandem Compactor

CASE 1107EX soil compactor comes with a new FPT Industrial S8000 engine that delivers 100 HP at 2200 rpm. The hydrostatic variable speed control ensures the CASE 1107EX travels at the perfect speed for every type of soil, resulting in a uniform compaction.

The recently launched CASE 1110EX-D with HVAC c‎abin, featuring a new FPT Industrial S8000 engine delivers 110 HP at 2300 rpm and torque of 430 Nm at 1400 rpm. This machine is fit for mining application and is available in two variants: Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum, equipped with ROPS/FOPS HVAC c‎abin for operator comfort and safety.

CASE India Soil Compactor variants are well suited for various earth layers. They are also technically equipped to provide information on amplitude, frequency and ICV (intelligence compaction value) – information related to density of soil compacted and is available to the operator on the screen. The ICV value is different for different surfaces. Once the desired density is achieved, an on-screen green light signals the operator to stop and avoid over compaction. In this way, saving of fuel and time is achieved and da‎mage to the surface is avoided.

Source: NBM&CW