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Cummins to unveil new off-highway engine at Intermat

Cummins Next Gen X15 for Off-Highway
Cummins Europe
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Cummins Next Gen X15 for Off-Highway

IMAGE SOURCE: Cummins Inc.

  • Cummins Inc. announces the unveiling of a new off-highway engine at Intermat 2024, emphasizing high power density and improved efficiency.

  • The new engine represents the next generation of Cummins' combustion technology platforms, aiming to reduce emissions and operating costs.

  • Cummins to showcase its B6.7 agnostic engine platform at Intermat, designed for versatility in fuel types including diesel, biodiesel, natural gas, and hydrogen.

  • The B6.7H hydrogen engine, part of Cummins' agnostic range, targets off-highway machinery with a 290 hp rating and 1200 Nm peak torque for Stage VI/Tier 5 applications.

  • Cummins and NPROXX to display an on-board fuel storage system for hydrogen combustion engines, featuring up to 700-bar pressure capability for extended capacity and range.

  • The introduction of these technologies aligns with Cummins' Destination Zero strategy, focusing on reducing environmental impact through innovative power solutions.

Cummins Inc. has announced plans to unveil a new engine for the off-highway market at Intermat 2024. The engine will be on display at Booth 5a D063 at Intermat, in Paris, France, April 24-27 2024.


Beau Lintereur, Executive Director Off Highway, said: “From working closely with customers, we’re acutely aware of the demand for combustion technology that delivers high power density and improved efficiency. The introduction of this clean sheet diesel engine marks another milestone, as we continue our commitment to diversifying our portfolio of combustion technologies.”

This engine is the next generation of platform for Cummins, and will deliver customers value while supporting the path to reduced emissions.

“With this launch, we are bringing customers a smaller and easier to install platform, that will reduce operating costs and the overarching environmental impact.” Beau Lintereur continues: “We’re looking forward to presenting this technology at Intermat and discuss the future of how we power construction.”

Visitors to Cummins’ booth at Intermat will be able to see the newly launched engine, along with the range of wider Cummins and Accelera by Cummins products.

The power solutions manufacturer has already confirmed it will be displaying its latest B6.7 agnostic engine platform. This design enables clean diesel, biodiesel, natural gas, and hydrogen fuel applications with small head adjustment tweaks on production line. All engines across this range use the same transmission, cooling systems, and hydraulic systems. This common base engine design reduces complexity for equipment manufacturers and their customers that are looking to implement a diverse range of fuels.

The inclusion of the B6.7H hydrogen engine in Cummins’ agnostic engine range is aimed at a wide range of off-highway machinery, with a top rating of 290 hp (216 kW) and an impressive peak torque of 1200 Nm targeted for Stage VI/Tier 5.

Also confirmed for Intermat 2024, Cummins has outlined that it will be displaying its on board fuel storage system for hydrogen combustion. Cummins’ joint venture with NPROXX, a world leader in high pressure hydrogen storage for both stationary and mobile applications, will be supporting OEMs and their product integration process. The storage tanks on show will have up to 700-bar pressure capability, maximizing capacity and operating range.

The development of hydrogen technologies remains a key part of Cummins’ Destination Zero strategy.

Source: Cummins Inc.