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Danish operator’s job made easier with the first Hitachi Zaxis-7 medium excavator

Hitachi ZX250
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Hitachi ZX250

IMAGE SOURCE: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

The first Hitachi Zaxis-7 medium excavator in Denmark – a ZX250LC-7 – has been delivered to contractor Hans Ikjær Entreprenørforretning ApS upon the recommendation of one of its operators. Having previously worked with the ZX210, ZX250 and ZX470 models, Nick Poulsen is now sharing the benefits of the new Hitachi Zaxis-7 machine with his employer.

Established in 1988, Hans Ikjær Entreprenørforretning (based in Hornsyld) carries out a wide range of construction projects, primarily in Jutland. The company is led by Hans Ikjær and its main activities centre around construction and sewer renovations. Supplied by local Hitachi dealer H.P. Entreprenørmaskiner, one of the first assignments for the ZX250LC-7 excavator was preparatory work for a construction project in the town of Middelfart.

Hitachi ZX250 <br> Image source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

“When our company was considering the option to buy a new excavator, I had to recommend Hitachi as the machines have always performed so effectively for me,” explains Nick. “Fortunately, my employer made the decision to invest in Hitachi. I have already been impressed by the ZX250LC-7’s excellent visibility, comfortable cab and hydraulic system.”  

Hitachi ZX250 <br> Image source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

The new Zaxis-7 excavators are equipped with the unique Hitachi TRIAS III hydraulic system, which is built around a three-pump system. It controls the hydraulic oil flow, allowing operators to excavate quickly and precisely. The hydraulic levers are built into the seat, and inside the cab many improvements have been made to the working environment, such as improved visibility and reduced noise levels.

“On certain projects, people can move nearby to the excavator, so it’s important that I can see everything that’s happening around me,” says Nick. “The Aerial Angle camera gives me a 270-degree bird's-eye view.

Hitachi ZX250 <br> Image source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

“In terms of general comfort, the door is now larger, and there is more legroom, and everything you need is at your fingertips. This also means that you never have to reach for anything. In addition, the machine remains stable, without any vibrations. I have operated other excavators, but the new Hitachi ZX250LC-7 is just a pleasure to work with and makes my job easier.”

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV