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Delivered to MinoEge a SPJ315 and a forSte 54TJJ

Great delivery on Saturday morning in Socage to MinoEge. He taked home the first of the two SPJ315 spiders and the big forSte 54TJJ with Convertible Basket.


SPJ315 is a tracked aerial platform able of a maximum working height of 15 m and a maximum working outreach of 7 m.

ForSte 54TJJ is a telescopic aerial platform with jib that can be mounted on trucks with minimum G.V.W. of 26 tons; this model is equipped with a secondary jib which allows it to perform operations not executable by a single jib platform.

Able of a maximum working height of 54 m and a maximum outreach of 36 m, the forSte 54TJJ has got a safe working load (SWL) of 600 kg (6 operators + tools).

Convertible Basket is the new patent presented by Socage. The new aluminum basket can be hydraulically enlarged, its dimensions are 2300/3500 x 1300 x 1100 and it has a lifting bar to easily load the basket.

This invention is especially targeted at those who work with Eternit panels, in order to work on roofs and load the basket with sheets.

Source: SOCAGE S.r.l

Socage SPJ 315 on LECTURA Specs
Socage forSte 54 TJJ on LECTURA Specs