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DEUTZ extends its collaboration with Alexianer GmbH

  • DEUTZ expands its decades-long collaboration with this charitable institution

  • 200 people with disabilities work at various sites for DEUTZ AG

  • Collaboration creates significant added value for the service provider and the company

For DEUTZ AG, inclusion is more than a mere buzzword. For several decades now, the company has been closely collaborating at its Cologne site with the Cologne Charitable Workshops (German abbreviation: GWK). This charitable institution has, for 40 years, been providing employment opportunities in an appropriate environment to people with learning difficulties and physical handicaps. Following GWK's incorporation into the Alexianer Group and since the establishment of MoVeKo GmbH, the disability inclusion company, this successful collaboration with DEUTZ has now been expanded still further.


Co-located with the DEUTZ AG Spare Parts Centre in Cologne-Kalk, large-sized components will now also be processed directly on site by MoVeKo employees while small parts and mass-production parts will be outsourced to the workshops of the Alexianer Group's charitable enterprise. Due in part to this restructuring and to MoVeKo's suggestions for improvement, considerable increases in efficiency have been achieved by all involved in a few months.  

More than 200 people, both disabled and able-bodied, work at the various DEUTZ AG workshop and service centre sites. Throughout their long-standing collaborative relationship, the range of assembly and packaging services offered by Alexianer and GWK has been increasingly expanded and industrialised, generating significant added value both for the charitable institution and DEUTZ.

"We are delighted and grateful that so much confidence has been placed in the performance of our institutions where people with disabilities can enjoy a degree of normality as regards their working life to the great benefit of all concerned“, said Rainer Klomp, Managing Director for Production and Marketing for all GWK and Alexianer Group workshop facilities. 

Michael Wellenzohn, Management Board member for Sales/Service & Marketing at DEUTZ, stressed that "for us, as a long-established company with strong links to the local community, the charitable aspect of this collaborative partnership represents an important factor. We value above all the flexibility and the speed with which our non-profit-making service provider reacts, characteristics which have often proven their worth whenever we had urgent or special requirements. In those circumstances, the fact that an employee might be disabled is completely irrelevant. We regard MoVeKo's employees as colleagues and as real 'DEUTZers'."

Source: DEUTZ AG