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DICA Introduces Innovative Ground Protection Roadway

SlatTrax Dual Spool Retrieval
DICA America
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SlatTrax Dual Spool Retrieval


  • DICA to unveil SlatTrax® Ground Protection Roadway at the 2024 ARA Show in New Orleans.

  • SlatTrax® is designed to enhance productivity and reduce manual labor for site preparation and exit.

  • The system aims to protect lawns and hardscaping from damage by construction equipment.

  • SlatTrax offers a rigid surface for equipment access, supporting MEWPs, compact loaders, telehandlers, and boom trucks.

  • CEO Kris Koberg highlights the ease of deploying and retrieving SlatTrax, with 100 linear feet manageable in about two minutes.

  • SlatTrax can be extended with additional sections to create larger roadways or staging areas.

  • The ground protection product is made from recycled materials and supports equipment up to 40 tons.

  • SlatTrax is available in hydraulic and manual (DIY) systems, with widths of 36, 42, and 48 inches.

  • The hydraulic system is compatible with skid steers and compact telehandlers, enhancing rental fleet offerings.

See durable, productivity-enhancing solution at the 2024 ARA Show, booth #1368.

DICA will introduce its SlatTrax® Ground Protection Roadway to the equipment and event rental market at the 2024 ARA Show, February 18-21, in New Orleans, Louisiana. SlatTrax® is a hydraulicly or manually deployed ground protection roadway that virtually eliminates manual labor by reducing the number of crew members needed to prepare or exit a site.

Contractors are looking for ways to increase productivity and rental companies want to offer durable solutions and increase profits through add-on rental options. SlatTrax fulfills both of those needs.


“MEWPs, compact loaders, telehandlers, boom trucks, and other small to medium size construction equipment can cause damage to lawns and hardscaping, leaving customers frustrated and contractors with the expense of repairs. Instead, SlatTrax provides a rigid surface for equipment to access the work area,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA. 

SlatTrax is simple to lay out, retrieve, and store. “With the hydraulically powered single or dual spool systems, contractors can deploy or retrieve 100 linear ft. of road in about two minutes,” said Koberg. The system can be reloaded with additional Trax sections that connect to quickly create stable service roadways or staging areas on grass, turf fields, sand, and hardscapes. Alternatively, the DIY System can manually deploy 100 ft. of Trax in minutes.


The engineered ground protection product is made from recycled materials is highly resistant to damage from compression loads and can be used with equipment up to 40 tons. Both hydraulic and DIY systems are compact and self-contained, freeing up trailer space, and making rental equipment deliveries more efficient. The SlatTrax hydraulic system attachment comes in 36 in., 42 in., and 48 in. widths, and is compatible with skid steers, compact telehandlers, and other equipment frequently available in equipment rental fleets.

See SlatTrax at the 2024 ARA Show at booth #1368. 

Source: DICA